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Another use of force investigation for SPD following Central District incident

Our sister site Central District News is reporting on another use of force investigation underway after an SPD officer’s alleged choking of a man who was allegedly resisting arrest last Saturday afternoon. CHS reported on another SPD internal investigation following a “physical contact” incident at Seattle Central in late September.

City investigating use of force in arrest of man at 23rd and Union
The use of force against a hit-and-run suspect in the parking lot of the Midtown Center at 23rd and Union Saturday is under investigation after several witnesses and CDNews raised questions.

Witnesses told CDNews they saw an SPD officer use force when arresting a man Saturday shortly after 4 p.m. Two witnesses we spoke with described an officer using both hands to choke the man after he resisted being placed in handcuffs.

After the struggle, the man was bleeding significantly from a cut near his eye, the witnesses said. One witness said an officer punched the man, causing the cut. The injuries were significant enough that the man was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. more… 

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20+ years in the CD
8 years ago

The suspect spit on the cop. If someone spit on me I would punch them in the face.

8 years ago

Totally Justified by cops, I’m tired of these low life punks in this city. This shit needs to end, through all of these dirtbags in the sound.