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Capitol Hill Aviary | #Hipsterpigeon

Our usual Capitol Hill Aviary writer is out with the chicken pox. She’ll be back Sunday. I’m filling in and doing the best I can. This is Hipster Pigeon. Turns out, yes, other people have seen him.

@the_april too:

Have you seen him? Have you held him? Meanwhile, expect Hipster Pigeon reports in the Central District soon.

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5 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Aviary | #Hipsterpigeon

  1. Just want to say I love birds but I IM not much into handling a wild one less IM trying to save it , momma told me I would go blind if I keep playing with it anyway lol

  2. This Pigeon surprised all of us when it flew into the late Traveler’s Tea Company (501 E Pine) and laned with a “clink” on a cookie jar over a year ago. It’s possible it’s a racing pigeon which are friendly to humans and are very expensive. Usually the have a tag with a number and there are racing pigeon sites that you log the tag into so they can track it’s location.

  3. when i was in middle school, my science teacher wanted us to go to some pond and sample the water and bring it in so we could look at it under a microscope. my mother refused this stupid errand, so she made me just take water from the birdbath outside instead. it was, by far, the most ‘active’ of the samples brought in. just teaming with grossness. birds are full of disease. don’t pick them up.