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Walk in the Shoes at HRS: Learning Disabilities Simulation

Have you ever struggled in school or wondered what it would be like not to succeed because of the way you learn? Have you wondered what a school day is like for a student with a language-related disability? 

As part of October as Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, Hamlin Robinson School is leading a program that  simulates the experiences a dyslexic child faces in a typical classroom. Experience this simulation of life with dyslexia and understand its impact on the learning process. A series of exercises will lend insight into the auditory, visual and kinesthetic challenges of dyslexia.

This event is intended for adults and older children.

Walk in the Shoes
  Thursday, October 11
  6:30-8:00 pm
  HRS Learning Center
  1700 E Union St
  Seattle WA 98122

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