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With Volunteer Park as target, plan for Broadway streetcar extension makes federal funding list

Included in recommendations for how the region should put more than $166 million in federal transportation funds to work: $850 grand to power study of the the First Hill streetcar extension beyond its currently planned terminus at Broadway and Denny, the future home of Capitol Hill Station.

The recommendation from the Puget Sound Regional Council is an important stamp of approval from the organization. You can show your support — or opposition — by emailing through October 25th when the council’s executive board will vote to approve the slate. A full list of recommended projects is below. You’ll note there are also line items for important work along 23rd Ave.

People involved with the planning process around a possible First Hill route extension to north Broadway say there is growing energy to push the rail system even farther north along 10th Ave to reach E Prospect and open up the possibility of a better connection to Volunteer Park.

The First Hill streetcar is expected to eventually serve around 3,500 riders per day, according to transit planners. A previous study concluded that extending the route to Aloha would add about 500 riders per day. That study also said that extending the line to Aloha would add 3 minutes to the trip in each direction. Trolleys will leave every 15 minutes and vehicle traffic and streetcars will share a lane as a separated bikeway is added along Broadway.

Puget Sound Regional Council Recommends Transportation Funding for Seattle

SEATTLE – The Puget Sound Regional Council is recommending more than $166 million in funding for projects in Seattle, part of more than $440 million in federal funds proposed by PSRC to improve transportation around the region.

Projects include:  

  •          Mercer Corridor West Project – Underpass Segment  (5th Ave N to 9th Ave N)* – $10,000,000
  •          South Lake Union Streetcar Maintenance – $515,024
  •          Westlake Cycle Track – $1,706,586
  •          23rd Avenue Corridor Improvements  – South Jackson Street to East John Street – $3,500,000
  •          23rd Avenue Corridor Improvements  – South Jackson Street to East Madison Street Preservation – $1,500,000
  •          First Hill Street Car – Broadway Extension – $850,000
  •          Seattle Central Waterfront Regional Passenger-Only Ferry Terminal  – $1,366,530
  •          Bicycle Access Enhancements to King County Metro RapidRide Bus Rapid Transit – $600,000
  •          King County Metro Electric Trolley Fleet Replacement – $67,092,357
  •          Refurbishing Transit Tunnel Elevators – $2,839,594
  •          Third Ave Transit Corridor Improvement and RapidRide Facilities Project  – $3,480,000
  •          Lynnwood to Northgate Link Light Rail – $26,919,692
  •          North Link: Extend Light Rail from UW to Northgate Transit Center – $29,442,586
  •          Holman Rd Northwest – NW 87th Street to Greenwood Ave North Preservation – $1,129,357
  •          NE 125th Street/Roosevelt Way NE/NE 130th   Street – I-5 Overpass to Sand Point Way NE Preservation – $1,000,000
  •          South Park Bridge Replacement – $15,000,000

These projects were selected on their merits and support the region’s economic development and growth,” said Bellevue Councilmember Claudia Balducci, chair of PSRC’s Transportation Policy Board.  “When Congress approved these funds earlier this year, their focus was on growing and sustaining jobs.  These projects, large and small, will put people to work and shore up the foundations of our economy for the future.”

PSRC is encouraging public comments on the projects proposed for funding and on the region’s draft Transportation Improvement Program for 2013-2016. The public comment period runs from September 13 through October 25, 2012. The vote by PSRC’s Executive Board to approve the 2013-2016 Transportation Improvement Program is scheduled for October 25. A complete list of all projects andmore information is available at   


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6 thoughts on “With Volunteer Park as target, plan for Broadway streetcar extension makes federal funding list

  1. Here’s my comment to PSRC:
    I am grateful to see (through the blog) that PSRC is to fund study of extending the First Hill streetcar up (north) Broadway so it serves more of the neighborhood. However, it seems to me that this study could also be extended very slightly to make the entire First Hill streetcar effort much, much more productive. If the grant were also to line item a good look at what it would take to close the very short gap between the First Hill streetcar terminus downtown and the Waterfront streetcar (across downtown), it would provide guidance for quickly doubling the usefulness of the two streetcar line segments. In addition, if the new car barn for the First Hill streetcar could be built to include space for the Melbourne cars currently in Metro storage, it would be a much simpler affair to make those cars available on both lines for special events or even regular service. Also, it would get the City of Seattle out of a jam — the City promised to build a car barn for the Waterfront Streetcar cars when SAM took the last one; but they never have. It would be such fun to have the Melborne trolleys running to MOHAI’s new digs, yes?