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5 nearby options for 2012 Capitol Hill Christmas trees

Tis the season to deck your halls. Here are a few Capitol Hill-area options to consider for your holiday greenery.

The lot will be open Monday – Friday 4-8 PM and Saturday and Sunday 12 – 8 PM and is located at 2524 16th Ave S, Seattle (at the kiosko on south side). To order by phone or for more information call (206) 957-4605 or email us at You can view the complete price list at the following link.

By purchasing your tree from El Centro de la Raza you’ll help thousands oflow-income families receive the services they need. You can also make thisholiday season special for someone else by purchasing a tree and donatingit to a low-income family.

  • Stevens Elementary’s annual holiday decoration, tree and greenery sale is on Friday, December 7th, 6-8p and, Saturday, December 8th, 9-4. If you really want to do it small-town style, stop by the 18th/Galer school’s pancake breakfast that morning.
  • Montlake Elementary’s trees and greenery will be ready for pick-up that same weekend. Order form (PDF)

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2 thoughts on “5 nearby options for 2012 Capitol Hill Christmas trees

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