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Blotter | Another Broadway mugging reported, booze shoplifting operation busted

  • Broadway mugging reported: Earlier this week, we told you about the murky details of a man’s reported mugging on Broadway early Monday morning. Thursday, police say a victim has come forward to say he, too, was mugged earlier this week as he walked from Broadway through the Seattle Central campus early Sunday morning. The victim said he was intoxicated and walking through the campus toward Harvard sometime after 1 AM Sunday when he was struck on the head from behind. The victim told police he fell to the ground and could feel his attacker rifling through his pockets but could not get a good look at his assailant before the mugger ran off. The victim found that his cell phone had been taken during the robbery. The report does not indicate why the victim said he waited five days to contact police but does note that he had a laceration to his head from the attack. There are no indications at this time that the crime is related to the Monday morning incident in which a man was found lying on the sidewalk along Broadway and told SPD he had been jumped but could provide no suspect description.
  • Man scares off burglars: We’re thinking the burglars who ransacked a 23rd Ave E home may not want to return to the area of their crime for a third time. According to SPD reports on the incidents, a man told police he frightened off two would-be burglars Monday night when he grabbed his gun and went outside after hearing noises coming from the yard and the alley behind an unoccupied home next door. “Got it,” one of the males said. “No, I got you,” the man told police he said as the two ran off. Thursday afternoon, a home in the same block was “ransacked” and emptied of valuables after someone gained entry by prying open a kitchen window. The report notes that the same home was burgled in May 2012 — and the same window was used for entry into the home. Police arriving at the Monday night callout following the man’s showdown with the possible burglars found a screen had been removed from the home’s rear door.
  • Booze bust: If you are planning a wedding — and we know a few of you are — we hope you didn’t arrange for the liquor to be provided by these guys. SPD earlier this month announced it has busted a stolen liquor operation headquartered at — of all places — Pike Place Flowers:

Over a six-week period, the MCTF sent in undercover detectives to the two Pike Place businesses and the downtown parking lot, where they sold supposedly stolen liquor— actually provided by the loss prevention departments of major grocers like Safeway and QFC—for pennies on the dollar.

During the investigation, an undercover detective went into Pike Place Flowers and asked about setting up a flower arrangement for a wedding. The owner said that in addition to the flowers, he could also sell him liquor for the wedding.

After the detective put in his liquor order with the flower shop owner, the owner turned around and called a shoplifter, who was working with police, and provided a shopping list of liquor he needed stolen.

“Since Washington retailers began selling liquor on June 1st, grocery stores’ liquor aisles have become lucrative targets for thieves,” the SPD report notes.

  • 12th Ave theft investigation update: Two weeks after SPD detectives spent a Friday cleaning out a 12th Ave home of computers and hardware in what police say is a major theft investigation, there have been no charges filed in the case. The 41-year-old jailed in connection with the investigation was conditionally released that same weekend pending charges, according to court documents. Police and victims say the house contained items ranging from iPads to bicycles that had been stolen in recent area burglaries.
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One thought on “Blotter | Another Broadway mugging reported, booze shoplifting operation busted

  1. From the report it sounds like the victim in the mugging took a shortcut through campus to get to Harvard. Please have the presence of mind to stick to main streets not shortcuts or alleys. It cuts down on the odds of getting mugged. Obviously being intoxicated likely played a factor too.