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Capitol Hill food+drink | Anchovies & Olives hush hush on expansion, Guaymas update, new Poco

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Ethan Stowell Restaurants — with the successful opening of Rione XIII under its belt in the 15th Ave E core — is getting ready to double the size of its first 15th Ave investment.

The typically close-to-the-chest company offered no comment on the plans but CHS has learned that work is being planned to expand Anchovies & Olives into the adjacent open retail unit in its 15th Ave Pearl Building home.

While a representative for Stowell declined to comment, the filing with the city lists a construction budget of $100,000. Given that this amount usually represents the base before finishings, etc., you can expect a major overhaul to A&O. UPDATE: Oh boy. Our tipster in comments below was right. The A&O expansion will be “a salumi bar” sez Eater Seattle who was able to pry out details from the tight-jawed Ethan Stowell empire.

Stowell’s first 15th Ave restaurant came into shape late in 2008 and has stood as a kind of eastern border of Pike/Pine’s restaurant scene. It was joined in the Pearl in 2009 by health and juice shop Healeo. The surrounding retail at 15th and Pine has struggled somewhat — instead of waiting for a neighbor, it looks like A&O has decided to put the space to its own use. Meanwhile, across the street, the newly branded Vox Apartments are coming into shape and will also introduce new food and drink space to the neighborhood. Rumors abound on possible tenants willing to pony up $30 per square-foot.

  • Just around the corner, another existing player is making a few changes. Just call it Poco, owner Jonathan Nelson tells us:

After nearly a year under new ownership, we’ve decided to move away from the Poco Wine Room name.  We don’t feel that “Wine Room” really captures the variety we want to offer our Capitol Hill brethren, with 100+ spirits on hand and rotating beers on tap.  So starting now and rolling out over the next couple months, we’re going to officially be known as just “Poco”, or “Poco Wine + Spirits” in some locations.  

 Along with the name change comes a menu shift as well.  We want to be a neighborhood bar where you can go for a snack or a full meal if you so choose.  To accommodate this, we’re moving closer to a tapas-style food menu with emphasis on under-$10 “small bites” that can be combined into a meal, over traditional entrees.  Some standards like the mac and cheese won’t be going anywhere, of course!

  • There’s a worthy new concept being grown down in Madison Valley. Have you checked out Seattle Salads yet?

Seattle Salads now open in Madison Valley
Seattle Salads hopes to be the start of a new boom in fast, made-to-order salads shops in Seattle. That is, of course, if owner Desirae Rabe has her way.

After a year and a half dishing out salads at the Queen Anne farmer’s market, Rabe opened her first permanent shop in Madison Valley earlier this month. The shop, at 27th and Madison, fills the space vacated by New York Cupcakes in early August.


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8 years ago

Chipotle is moving into the old Guaymas location, which is one block from the new Guaymas location, which is across the street from Taco Del Mar. Within a few blocks, we also have Fogon, Pocquitos, Bimbo’s and Barrio. That’s seven Mexican restaurants within a few blocks. Not all the same price range but it’ll be interesting to see if our density can support them all.

8 years ago

And Rancho Bravo. That makes (at least) eight.

8 years ago

Not to mention La Cocina, El Farol, Ooba Tooba, and Qdoba…plus there’s a pupusa place in the Alley.

8 years ago

You left out quite a winner, Brad: Rancho Bravo.

8 years ago

…and the truck now parked at the Shell station, which is the best value/quality combination, as far as I am concerned.

8 years ago

The A and O is not expanding…they are opening a charcuterie space….you didn’t hear it from me.

8 years ago

Don’t forget the taco trucks.

8 years ago

That’s just what Seattle needs. More Ethan Stowell restaurants. Ugh.