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CHS Pics | hellawasted says breathe, Capitol Hill

Some of us seem kind of, I don’t know… anxious today. Hang in there. And don’t forget to…

Hellawasted, originally uploaded by leftcoastletters.


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Just say no!
8 years ago

graffiti suxs!

8 years ago

Nothing like celebrating bad graffiti

just stop
8 years ago

Yes, please give these no-talent doucebags more attention so they can continue to deface our neighborhood. Thanks CHS!

8 years ago

Blame society. I’m also a big believer in “good information from bad sources.”

8 years ago

I like the tags. Hellabetter and more thought provoking than flat gray…

8 years ago

Hellawasted has been making me smile all over pike/pine and first hill for months now. Graffiti has been around since ancient times, and it’s not like it’s a huge obscene penis or something.

8 years ago

I love the ones that say Spring Break that usually have a crudely drawn penis or set of boobs.

8 years ago

the spring break tags are funny (and far fewer than the ….)
but the hellawasted and sissies rule are terrible and those two ppl need to CTFO

anyone remember travis edwards? (tred)
hey ppl, dont be tred

8 years ago

It sure does! And “hellawasted” is one of the worst offenders.

Some Capitol Hill hipsters seems to think that some graffiti is OK and some is not, but such a judgment is subjective at best. All graffiti is vandalism, and it’s all illegal. Or doesn’t that matter?

8 years ago

ahahahaha ha ha, “hey ppl don’t be TRED” would be a filthy phrase to throw up everywhere 0_0

I remember!

Travis Edwards: such a young, sweet, funny, reckless, and mischievous guy. Where the eff is he now??? He sucked as an “artist” but was waaaaay ahead of his time in terms of marketing. He made himself viral before “viral” was even possible.