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Dominic Holden, you’ll need to up your Capitol Hill dog pictures game

Somebody around here fancies himself a neighborhood dog blogger. We’re not buying it.

Capitol Hill’s dog portrait king has already been crowned. Plymouth Pillars Park off-leash area steward and head of the Citizens Off-Leash Areas group Patrick Jones already dominates this particular hyperlocal media space.

All images via Plymouth Pillars Park’s Facebook photo stream



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yo dawg
8 years ago

FYI, Patrick, while he is the new head of COLA, is no longer the Plymouth Pillars steward. He certainly did a great job of taking pics. Some of those you posted were taken by other people though.

8 years ago

Interrresting. Perhaps Holden has a chance. Though I definitely saw Jones taking pictures on the street just a week or so back, so…

Sebastian Garrett-Singh NCC

Looks like Holden got served.