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Election 2012 | 19+ Capitol Hill parties with the probability of dancing in the street

The last time we did this, Capitol Hill became an election party. What will ensue this Tuesday with enthusiasm on a national level supposedly tempered by the economic, social and global challenges of the past four years? Locally, at least, there are some important, exciting changes at hand. Here’s a roster of planned Capitol Hill parties and more around the neighborhood for Election Day 2012. How it plays out and just how much dancing in the street there will be? That’s up to you.

You’ll need to have your ballot postmarked before 8 PM Tuesday night or drop it off at the downtown county ballot drop location.


Here’s how we expect things to play out as far as timing goes. Word is that is does not seem likely that Washington’s race for governor, I-502 or R74 will be able to be called Tuesday night given the state’s 8 PM deadline for *postmarking* your ballot.

  • 3 PM State results will be reported as AP starts projecting winners
  • 4:30 PM Ohio polls close and projection activity for presidential election increases
  • 8 PM California closes and networks begin
  • 8 to 8:30 PM First King County results. While the big three WA state races might not have enough to officially declare victory. The next hours will be full of analysis and, possibly, some solid projections. Probably some dancing in the street, too.

A roster of places making an extra effort to win your election night party vote. Let us know if we’re missing anything

  • Washington United for Marriage headquarters — Things start early at 517 E Pike. Volunteers will begin arriving at 4 AM and work will carry on through the day. Hopefully by nightfall, it will be time to play.
  • R Place –“Join us Tuesday November 6 as we wait to find out the election results. Obama vs Romney, Inslee vs McKenna, Referendum 74 Marriage Equality for all, I-502 The Marijuana initiative, and many more. We’ll have all 3 floors open, and every TV screen will have Local and National news on including sound. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres, A huge Wedding Cake, A ballon drop, Drink Specials, and a DJ to celebrate after. Latest polls have Approve Referendum 74 up 55 to 40. This will be a night to remember for the rest of our lives. Join us, and bring your friends, ESPECIALLY our straight allies. Whom without, none of this would be possible.”
  • Neighbours — SOSea Election Night Party

Join Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea) at Neighbours Seattle (1509 Broadway) from 6 p.m. – Midnight to watch the Election Day 2012 results. 

Where will you be when you learn that voters Approved Referendum 74? Who will you be with when you hear that Americans picked President Obama for a second term? 

This is a drop by invite, or a stay for a while invite; either way SOSea would love for you to be a part of this historic night with us. 


Your APPROVE vote gets you into The Lobby’s Approve 74 Election Night Party.

PIKE AND BROADWAY will be Party Central on Election Night and the Champagne will be flowing at The Lobby if we’re all successful in getting out the vote.

We’re in the home stretch, so now is not the time to be passive! Talk to your friends and family about Ref. 74 today!!!!

  •  The Social – Out & Equal Seattle Election Night After-Party
  • Vermillion: “Election Night Party with Socialist Candidate for State House Kshama Sawant!” 6p-midnight
  • Capitol Club — “Come watch Election Night unfold! We will be bringing in TVs and a big screen! Laugh, cheer, cry and hopefully celebrate the outcome(s)!We will have drink specials and giveaways! Political attire strongly encouraged but not required!”
  • Havana — 

Live Broadcast of the results on the the huge HD projector. 

*** DJ Greg Vandy ***

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Featuring 1/2 Price Bottles of wine, $3 wells, $2 beers, and $1 off everything else in the house – Cristal is just $299!

  • The Wildrose — “The Wildrose and Music for Marriage Equality bring youElection Night Taco Tuesday!!!J oin us for $1 Tacos, $2 Beers, and DJ RickiLeigh at 8 PM!We’ll be showing the returns on the Big Screen and tv’sso bring your friends and hopefully we’ll be celebratingMARRIAGE EQUALITY in Washington state,Barack Obama continuuing as our President,and Jay Inslee as Governor!!!Tacos start at 5!!!”
  • Saint John’s — “Spend the day with St. John’s and our sister bar Solo ( 200 Roy Street, Lower Queen Anne…open at 5) as we watch the democratic process unfold once again…with a drink (s) in hand of course.”
  • Clever Dunnes — “We will have our projection screen on the coverage all day and will also be having an election themed trivia starting at 8 p.m.  Free to play and we give cash prizes.”
  • The Grill on Broadway

Oh, we’re gonna need cocktails for this one! 

We’re re-electing a president, getting ourselves a new governor, judges and senators and congressmen AND APPROVING REFERENDUM 74! 

So come eat and drink with us, while we watch the returns come in! And do we need to remind you to send in your ballots if you haven’t already??? I hope not!

  • The Pine Box — “We will be showing the Election Results on the projector…”
  • Babeland — Voting is Sexy! Election Day Party

Visit Babeland from 1-5pm on Election Day and cast your vote for the sex toy you think should govern in the bedroom. Every hour we’ll draw one winner who will get to take home their elected toy. With prizes this good, we’re sure you’ll be saying, “Democracy feels good”. The first 200 customers at each store will also get a free Babeland Bipartisan Bullet in their choice of red or blue!

  • Seattle University

    On Tuesday evening we’re having an Election Night Viewing Party in the Campion Ballroom on campus. Over 900 students have been invited and we expect 200-300 to come, possibly more. Students will gather to watch the election results come in and participate in election themed activities such as an election photobooth, live polling and Election Bingo. We would love some media coverage of the event; it would be a great way to show the youth involvement in this historic race. Seattle University has shown its commitment to being involved with this election. The Political Science Club registered 552 voters this fall and clubs on campus have participated in Approve 74 phonebanking and canvassing. This event will culminate the efforts of our club and campus to be involved with this election. The event will be from 5-10 PM at Campion Hall; 914 E Jefferson. The event is in the Campion Ballroom.

  • Cupcake Royale — free ‘cake or ice cream when you vote
  • 95 Slide — “Join us on Election Night, we’re having a party! Music for Marriage Equality + Chicken & Waffles crew will be there!”
  • Broadway Performance Hall — “Strawberry Theatre Workshop is also hosting an election night party in the lobby of Broadway Performance Hall. It’s free, all ages, cash bar, big light-up map of the U.S., CNN, Comedy Central & Fox News (for balance!) streaming, trivia, and BOOZE. All drinks are half-off during our wonk-friendly Happy Hour, 6 – 7 PM. More info at
  • Marriage Victory Party in the Streets!

Another scene from ’08 (Image: CHS)

If/when Referendum 74 passes on November 6, what do you say we repeat our party of four years ago and go dance in the streets? There better be some same-sex PDA is all I’m sayin’, now that our love will be legal. 

Pike and Broadway, just like November 2008. This isn’t an official event, and I’m definitely not organizing it, just think of it as a “suggestion”. Just us and a few thousand of our closest friends to celebrate whatever victories may come that night!

  • The BottleNeck Lounge — “Not much more need be said then no one should be alone on Tuesday. We open at 4 PM and will extend Happy Hour until 8 PM. Two Tvs, full menu available, pacing and nail-biting permitted. VOTE. And a special thanks to Lacey, Kris, and everyone who helped get out the word to VOTE TO APPROVE Ref. 74.”
  • Neumos/Moe Bar/Barboza — 

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14 thoughts on “Election 2012 | 19+ Capitol Hill parties with the probability of dancing in the street

  1. Based off of one of the rec lists we went to Clever Dunne’s to watch the VP debate and they weren’t showing it with sound (captions did make the whole thing funnier), anybody know which of these spots are going to have audio as well as video of the returns?

  2. Hey there,

    Strawberry Theatre Workshop is also hosting an election night party in the lobby of Broadway Performance Hall. It’s free, all ages, cash bar, big light-up map of the U.S., CNN, Comedy Central & Fox News (for balance!) streaming, trivia, and BOOZE. All drinks are half-off during our wonk-friendly Happy Hour, 6 – 7 PM. More info at

  3. If you are in King County you can make sure that your vote has been received and verified by tracking your ballot online at…. Voters in Snohomish County can track their ballots at:…. Voters in Pierce County can check at…. If you voted early this is a great way to double check to make sure your ballot has been counted. It took three days after mailing my ballot to find out that my ballot had been verified.

    If for some reason there is a problem with your ballot you can call the Elections Department tomorrow and fix the problem. This will be a very close election and your vote should count!

    Please let other people know how they can check to make sure that their votes have been counted before the election is over.

  4. which of these places would you guys say has the highest chance of having lots of places to sit and relax and won’t be a total cf of people? dont get me wrong, i want to be around people, but i’m also old and get a little uncomfortable in new places.

  5. I put my ballot in the King County ballot box at 10:30 AM this morning. According to the website it has not yet been counted. I imagine they’re getting inundated.

  6. It’s quite unlikely that there will be any celebrating at this event. I’m not a fan of Frank Chopp, nor will I ever vote for an “avowed socialist.” Ergo, I skipped this part of the ballot.