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Election 2012 | High turnout predicted, latest polling, cupcake democracy, Romney support

About 367,000 ballots had been received by King County Elections as of Tuesday, according to spokeswoman Kim van Ekstrom. That’s more than a third of the roughly 1 million ballots King County expects to be cast.

  • Of course, you could also look at it from the other side — two-thirds had yet to vote as of Tuesday.

  • With a prediction of 87%, the county is projecting turnout to be higher than the 2008 and 2004 presidential elections. It will be King County’s third straight presidential election with higher turnout.
  • CHS looked at what happens if R74 passes here, what happens if I-502 passes here and, for those two-thirds still filling in bubbles, what happens around the Hill if charter schools I-1240 passes… soon. This community post opposed to the initiative was shared on the site last month.
  • Slog posts a useful “What To Do If Your Ballot Is AWOL”
  • Election cams!
  • The latest KCTS Washington Poll numbers are out showing Inslee with a slim but insignificant preference over McKenna, the 1185 tax initiative cruising, charter schools with a perhaps unsurmountable level of appeal, marijuana legalization headed toward victory and R74 on its way to approval (despite those sneaky ads).
  • CHS featured this first-person account of volunteering in a Capitol Hill approve R74 call center.
  • Election night parties, etc. abound. We’ll have details on Capitol Hill happenings soon.
  • How about some reporting on ballot items that have received a little less ink? Here’s a look at the race for King County Sheriff.  Also, in Seattle, we’re voting on paying to repair the city’s seawall. In the abstract, seems like the kind of thing you have to either pay for and replace or… not have a city. But, hey, we’re voting on it.
  • E Pike’s Cupcake Royale and the rest of the Seattle-based chain is doing what it can to get out the vote:

LOVE is undeniable and it makes the world go round. Show your support by voting & showing Cupcake Royale your voting pic. We want to see your beautiful face at the polls!

Then we will show YOU some LOVE back with a FREE BABYCAKE or BABYSCOOP of ice cream. Use #voteforcupcakes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and show it to any cafe employee!

One per person and valid on November 6, 2012 only.

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9 years ago

Cupcake Royale is on E Pike, not E Pine. Don’t want any confusion when trying to get to cupcakes!

9 years ago

Haven’t flubbed that in some time! Thanks for the catch!

9 years ago

The chick knows her cakes – they are always right.

9 years ago

The news for the opposition has been repressed. I think this one is one of the more volatile in terms of support and vote. The people who are the originators of this have a lot of money, but the opposition is doing a lot of work in terms of phone banks and getting the word out now.