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Hilloween 2012 | Pictures, candy reports, etc. from a (not too) rainy Halloween on Capitol Hill

Yes, those were horses you saw last night (Image: Alex Garland for CHS)

We’ll add to this post through the night — fortunately, Capitol Hill got plenty weird during the day so we already have a few pictures to get started. If you have anything to share, let us know via mail at, via Twitter @jseattle or and we’ll add it to the post. Happy Hilloween.

Parties, Contests & Trick-or-Treating

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A mail-order bride at Broadway and Roy

Red Light bustled with last minute shoppers

The bag check guy doubled as shopping guide

Iron Maiden. Yes.

Funny because the photographer was also wearing cat ears

In costume while coworking at Office Nomads

The Boylston Ave rental car dudes had a costume party

You see that girl’s udder?

Charming umbrella-toting lovelies on E Pike

Zombie and Snow White go Bimbos-style

DJ Lance Rock cruises Pike/Pine

No Parking dressed up

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9 thoughts on “Hilloween 2012 | Pictures, candy reports, etc. from a (not too) rainy Halloween on Capitol Hill

  1. The horses thing is hard to believe. Polo players? And it wasn’t done in jest? Maybe they should have been wearing signs saying, “We’re the 1%. Occupy my ass. Romney 2012!”

  2. I wish I had been quick enough to think of taking a picture of the guy who was wearing a flasher costume on 15th. Definitely not kid-appropriate, but I thought it was hilarious.

  3. Jon, I don’t understand you comment. Are you saying people who own horses are only rich Romney supporters? That is pretty judgmental. I own a horse and I am not rich nor am I a Romney (GOP) supporter. It is a huge financial burden and sacrifice to keep my horse but it is also my dream come true and I love her.