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Lesbian bar The WildRose inks new deal to stay in Pike/Pine

Even with all the change Pike/Pine has seen in its food and drink economy, a key component of the neighborhood’s LGBT culture has a new deal to stay in the neighborhood. CHS has learned The WildRose, the lesbian bar about to begin its 28th year at 11th and Pike, has signed an extension through 2015 with options to extend the deal further, according to the bar’s relatively new landlords, Cadence Capital.

To start 2012, CHS reported on the $4.3 million deal to acquire The Winston Apartments building the Rose calls home. The new owners told CHS at the time their goal was to keep the 1905-era building as it is, make some improvements here and there and continue to operate the apartments and make space for the bar and Hothouse Spa & Sauna as well as create some space for a new business or two.

DSC_1743.JPG, originally uploaded by feel.royal.

While the deal guarantees The WildRose will have a home on E Pike through 2015, it isn’t quite as long-ranging as the agreement Neumos ownership came to earlier this year to lock up a space for the club through 2024.

The WildRose and owner Shelley Brothers celebrated the 25-year anniversary of the bar in 2009.

This CHS “retro” post looked at the building as it stood in 1907

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4 thoughts on “Lesbian bar The WildRose inks new deal to stay in Pike/Pine

  1. I’ve never been in a lesbian bar. How do lesbians feel about gay men being in a lesbian bar? Is it cool or you would prefer women only? I think it would probably be OK but I haven’t tried it yet because women like to be around women and I understand that.

  2. I’ve been to the Rose a zillion times w/ my chicas (I’m a gay dude). I quite like it, have a great time and meet some great ppl. It is a nice respite from bachelorette alley that has become pike/pine corridor, no drunks girls on 6 inch heels teetering around looking to be trendy and thinking they own the place.

  3. In my experience everyone is welcome at the Rose. Although if you are a straight couple from Bothell who wanders in looking to fulfill your threesome fantasies, a few people might quietly laugh at you when you are not looking.