Blotter | Indecent Santa reported in Hill bar, SPD taser arrest on E Pike

  • 12/Jeff gunshot: Police responded to a report of gunfire early Sunday morning at 12th and Jefferson. When police arrived just after 4 AM, they found a group of people attempting to leave the scene. Officers were searching for one man who left the scene in an SUV. No injuries were reported in the incident.
  • Naughty Santa: Santa came early at a Capitol Hill bar busy with holiday revelers this weekend. According to witnesses and police radio, a contingent of SPD arrived at the crowded 11th Ave drinking hole Saturday around 1 AM to a report of a man in a Santa suit who had exposed himself. A half-dozen cops reportedly arrived to contact St. Nick. We don’t have details yet on whether an arrest was made.
  • Taser used in E Pike arrest: The holiday weekend got off to a rough start in Pike/Pine early Friday morning when a man was removed from an area bar and ended up in a struggle with police that ended with a taser being deployed by officers. According to the preliminary details released by SPD, the man was taken into custody in the 12:50 AM incident for booking on assault and obstruction charges. A medic crew was dispatched to the scene following the use of the taser, a standard procedure following the “use of force” tactic. We don’t yet have details on what lead to the man’s removal from the establishment.

    (Image: @theoriginalpuma via Twitter)

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6 thoughts on “Blotter | Indecent Santa reported in Hill bar, SPD taser arrest on E Pike

  1. I’m on 20th & Republican and it was definitely loud, sounded like it was coming from south of my place (and no car alarms went off on my street so it sounds like, whatever it was, it came from the area around E John). Would be interested to find out what it was…

  2. Yes! I heard it this morning as well. I’m quite a ways away at 19th & Denny, but around that time I awoke in a panic, but to my sleepy ears it sounded like something very large had dropped or toppled over on my patio. I looked around and saw nothing. Shades of the still unexplained explosion three summers ago, tho that was close enough to feel the concussion.