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Capitol Hill drug crimes by the numbers — Meth is the sad king, few pot busts

Sunday morning just after 1 AM, police and fire units rushed to the ground floor of the parking garage at the corner of Pine and Boylston. Inside, they found a man down from a reported heroin overdose. Records indicate medics were on scene for 30 minutes but did not transport the victim to the hospital. CHS doesn’t yet know if the man lived or died but he is part of the ongoing issues around drugs, addiction and policing that continue to play out on Capitol Hill.

CHS looked at the months before the implementation of I-502 to see what kinds of drug-related criminal activity SPD was encountering in the core of Capito Hill between Union to the south and E Olive Way to the north.

In the six-month period we looked at, we found only 48 reports involving drug-related crimes — about one every four days. Even before 502, drug-related circumstances and arrests were not a significant portion of policing activity in the area. East Precinct dealt with about six theft and burglary reports per day during the period.

Meanwhile, the breakdown of the reports by drug reveals that, despite Sunday’s incident, methamphetamine remains a scourge:

  • 20 meth
  • 4 heroin
  • 7 cocaine
  • 7 marijuana
  • 4 prescription

You’ll note there were, indeed, seven reports filed regarding possession or use of marijuana in the past six months. You’ll also probably not be surprised that each and every one of those occurred within Cal Anderson Park or within a few blocks.

We’ll look at the numbers again post-502.

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