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Capitol Hill food+drink | Cintli to bring Latin art & cafe to empty Broadway bistro space

(Image: CHS)

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  • A long-empty Broadway restaurant and lounge space will not be long-empty for much, um, longer. The former home of Bleu Bistro has seen new life in recent weeks as construction has begun on a new project from the owner/designer behind a Pike Place art and jewelry store.

“We are under construction of the new space on Broadway right now, we are planning to do the Grand Opening around late March,” designer Beto Yarce tells CHS about his new Cintli cafe project.

Shoppers of the original Cintli might wonder what the heck this news is doing in our weekly food+drink column. The new Broadway incarnation of the Cintli family will continue the shop’s tradition of jewelry and Mexican folk art but will add a cafe component to “bring a full Latin experience to the students, medical professionals and residents who will be our new neighbors” —

That means we will continue to carry our staple jewelry and Mexican folk art, continue to feature local Seattle artists and continue to have the same festive approach to engaging with the community – We’re just adding traditional Latin treats, and a large variety of hot and cold beverages. That includes beer and wine! A good portion of our food and drink will be sourced by local micro-businesses, as support for local economic sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Other products will come from Latin America, so that we can support the community where Cintli began. So what does that mean for the customer? It means delicious Latin recipes that are locally prepared, it means the very best local Seattle micro-brews, it means a top-notch selection of wines from Chile, Argentina and Mexico, and so much more! We do hope you’ll join us when we finally open our doors!

Eve Araque, a marketing representative for Cintli, says the cafe component won’t be simple window dressing.

Yarce (right) in his Pike Place gallery (Image: Cintli)

“The cafe component is a huge part of our vision to create the Latin experience,” Araque said. “We want customers to feel that they’ve just stepped in to Latin America when they come in. That mean it has to smell and taste like Latin America as much as it looks and sounds like it.”

How this all translates to the day to day is yet to be seen. Cintli plans to work with local providers to supply the “great tasting, local and Latin influenced” food and drink. No entrees will be served but the cafe will add a lunch alternative to this stretch of Broadway at John neighboring American Apparel and a Subway sandwich shop as well as The Lyric apartment building.

By the way, the empty space on the ground floor of this classic old apartment building has been the inspiration for many a “Starbucks is opening a new shop on Broadway” rumor sent to CHS in the year after Bleu Bistro ownership shifted its effort to E Olive Way’s Bleu Bistro’s Grotto. You can put that rumor to rest now.

Cintli is ready to make a new, second home on Broadway. “Broadway itself drew us to the new location,” Araque said. “When Beto first arrived to Seattle, he arrived to a location just off Broadway. The area is very special to him.”

You can learn more and follow construction progress on the Cintli Facebook page.


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4 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink | Cintli to bring Latin art & cafe to empty Broadway bistro space

  1. It’s always nice to welcome an interesting new business to Broadway, especially when it is a locally-owned one, and when it is occupying a space that has been vacant for so long.

    Welcome Cintli!

  2. Interesting stuff in the windows to draw people in, delicious smells inside to make them spend. That might work — especially if they can stick it out until the metro station opens.

    If they make good empanadas, I’ll be there at least once a week.

  3. “bring a full Latin experience to the students, medical professionals and residents who will be our new neighbors”

    Have they been to Broadway? This sounds more like 15th Ave.

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