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CHS Pics | Inside E Olive Way’s Hillside Bar

2012 is ending with a flurry of new bar openings on Capitol Hill — including three new drink spots on E Olive Way. We showed you inside Linda Derschang’s investment in north Broadway, Bait Shop, earlier this week — the non-Olive entry among the newcomers. At the base of E Olive Way, Speckled & Drake and John John’s Gameroom are open and part of the scene.  Up the Hill a bit, CHS reported on the opening of Capitol Hill’s new “SoDo connection,” the Hillside Bar, earlier this month but we didn’t have much to show you.

Here’s a look inside the new bar taking over the space that was the relatively short-time home to longtime Capitol Hill gay bar The Elite. You’ll note a few Elite ghosts floating through the Hillside scenes. You’ll also find darts, pinball and pool to keep you busy. Visit the Hillside Facebook page to learn more.

H, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.


TV, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.


Pinball, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.



Tiki room, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.


(All images Doug McLaughlin for CHS)

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8 years ago

So sad to see another great establishment replaced by a pinball themed straight bar.

Oh well! Change is inevitable

8 years ago

hmm, seeing as hillside bar didn’t force the elite out and “replace” them, i can’t understand what you’re bitching about.

hey, maybe you can visit the new bar and see if it might have potential to be a great establishment (gay or straight) in its own right? oh, but that’d be too much work for you, i’m sure. better to play it safe and complain on the internets.

8 years ago

If this one pays its taxes, it’s a better neighbor for everyone/every sexual orientation.

rip elite
8 years ago

I’m not bitching, but yes–when one bar closes another “replaces” it. I won’t waste my time going there because it’s not my scene. Nor is it the scene of the previous patrons. But most importantly I won’t visit because of idiots like you who are rude on the “internets”…douche

8 years ago

I side with “RIP Elite”. There was nothing in his initial post that was “bitchy”….he was just sad to see the Elite go. “Zeebleoop” is way-over-reacting.

8 years ago

Just curious if the new place has the same atmosphere.

8 years ago

Stopped by last night for a couple beers, and was extremely impressed. The remodel was top notch and the two bartenders are friendly and willing to chat. It’s such a huge improvement from the previous bar.

8 years ago

It has the atmosphere of friendley and welcoming owners/staff, to me that was a change for the good from the last place. Not sure in this day and age the community needs a strictly straight or gay bar. I prefer to give my money to buisnesses that treat me with respect and do not come with owners that have a negative attidude. Will be back at hillside Bar after work tonight.