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Police search for suspect in reported assault at south First Hill park

Police are searching for the suspect in a reported sexual assault at Horiuchi Park Friday evening. The alleged assault occurred around 7:10 PM. at the park, located at Boren and E Spruce, according to police.

Though information is preliminary at this time, police confirmed that a woman went to the King County Juvenile Center and reported the incident within a few minutes of when it occurred.

Police responded and searched the area for a suspect described as a black male in his 30s wearing a tan coat.

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8 years ago

This park appears to be on Boren Ave, which is a major thoroughfare and heavily traveled in the evening, so you might wonder why an attack could occur here, but what isn’t obvious is the terrain of Horiuchi Park. The park has a small flat area on top, accessed from Spruce Street, but the bulk of the park is a steep slope down to Boren Ave that is not used. So, if you are on the Spruce Street level of the park, sightlines from Boren Ave are cut off by the elevation change. Be careful out there.