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Saley Crepes moving off the Hill to 8th and Olive Way

Diouf in 2009 (Image: CHS)

Like so much news food and drink, we learn of coming change via a hand-written sign on paper, hung in a window. Come February, the beloved Saley Crepes is moving from E Olive Way to plain ol’ Olive Way.

We haven’t yet talked with Saley’s Aissa Diouf — but when we do we plan to a) scold her and b) beg forgiveness so we’ll still be served when visiting the planned downtown location. UPDATE: Diouf tells CHS the move came down to the desire for a better kitchen for Saley.

“We wanted to have a professional kitchen. It’s almost impossible to put one in there,” Diouf said.

When another space in the building became available, Diouf said she hoped to claim it for Saley but things didn’t work out with the landlord.

Instead, Saley is now bound for a former dental lab space near 8th and Olive Way. She promises from-the-grill sandwiches and more crepe griddles in the new space. But not any more seating. Diouf hopes her longtime customers come along, too.

“It’s not goodbye,” she said. “We’re right at the edge of Capitol Hill.”

The shop will serve through Sunday before packing up and a winter re-start in its new home.

Saley — once Sucrey Saley — opened in its 1650 E Olive Way home six years ago and has seen some rapid turnover in neighbors in recent months as bars John John’s Gameroom and Speckled & Drake have moved in as Living Room and Faire Gallery closed down. CHS talked to Martin Vance, the building’s owner, about this plans for the property and his efforts to attract new tenants, earlier this year as we reported that John John’s was taking over the Faire space.

The area Saley will now call home will be in the shadows of the Olive 8 building — and not too far away for a walk down the Hill.

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7 thoughts on “Saley Crepes moving off the Hill to 8th and Olive Way

  1. I ate nothing but her fantastic crepes for several years, and then just recently I tried a sandwich. They’re awesome, too! So now it’s a tough choice whenever I go.

    But I’m confused… is Saley closed right now? Or will they be open until they move in February?

    EDIT: Oh, I just read the sign. OK, I’ll hurry down there tomorrow before they close.

  2. (Your map is incorrect with the placement of the current/old Saleys)
    This new place is only about 5 blocks down the road! The new location will be awesome for them as a business – not only allowing for more people and space, but also they gain access to the downtown business district while still keeping a capitol hill appeal.

    Good choice – can’t wait for the return of their GREAT FOOD!

  3. Yes they are open – no crepes just sandwiches. I would give them some time to find their pace – it was disorganized and crowded today. I see all the positive comments but my lunch today was only worth one star . . . .