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Scholarship fund raises thousands in memory of 18-year-old biker who died after Pike/Boren crash

Last Thursday, a bicyclist luckily survived being hit and dragged by a dump truck as she rode at Pine and Boren. It was a reminder of some of the more dangerous areas of the Hill for bicyclists and of 18-year-old Nap Cantwell’s death following his crash earlier this year at Pike and Boren. At the time, there was talk of starting a memorial fund in his name to benefit non-profit BikeWorks.

Colina Barlow of BikeWorks tells CHS that more than $32,000 has been donated to the Nap Cantwell Youth Scholarship Fund “to support young leaders interested in furthering their skills as bicyclists, bike mechanics and community change makers” —

In June of this year, a young man named Nap Cantwell lost his life after colliding with a van while riding his father’s bike to work. Following the accident, the family asked that donations be made to Bike Works.  Immediately, we established a Nap Cantwell Youth Scholarship Fund, to support young leaders interested in furthering their skills as bicyclists, bike mechanics and community changers.

 We were humbled by the outpour of community support that was shown to this fund, which, it its first week alone, grew to over $11,000. The contributions continue to flow in daily, through heartfelt letters, bicycle donations, and monetary offerings. The scholarship fund contributions currently total over $32,000, and we are honored for this opportunity to steward a youth scholarship fund in Nap’s name, perpetuating his love of cycling and of Seattle. We are confident that this fund will help Seattle youth for years to come.

For those interested in supporting, donations can be made online through Bike Works’ secure website.

To make a donation by mail, please send your check payable to “Bike Works” at our office:

Bike Works
Attn: Development
3709 S Ferdinand St
Seattle, WA 98118

Looking for more ways to help this holiday season? Here are some Capitol Hill-area opportunities.

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Allan W.
8 years ago

Something that is not discussed often enough is the aggressive driving displayed by construction truck drivers. I hired a contractor who mentioned to me he had once been a concrete truck driver. When I asked him about the aggressive driving I often witness, he said “I am not surprised. There are many more drivers in the summer, when the weather is nice, but the only ones who the companies keep on in the winter months (when construction slows down) are the most productive.” This means the drivers who are rewarded are the fast driving, ‘won’t yield to others’ drivers. This has serious implications for Cap Hill with the major construction projects we are seeing and will continue to see.

8 years ago

Tell the city to put bike lanes on Pike St. Go here, click the yellow line, and draw a yellow line on Pike St from Melrose to Madison.
With enough responses, maybe we can get Pike St into the Bike Master Plan.