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The secret Capitol Hill marijuana bakery

The air of Pike/Pine is often filled with the craft of its local artisans. Certain times of day will bring a sour but not unpleasant waft from the brewing at Elysian Capitol Hill or the roasted, caffeinated winds from the Caffe Vita beanery. Another familiar scent comes and goes these days in certain areas of the neighborhood and it has nothing to do with the passing of I-502. A cannabis bakery has been operating in the neighborhood for several weeks now. It wouldn’t be technically correct to say nobody has noticed.

“You can smell it one direction but not in the other,” an employee at a nearby business tells CHS. “It’s pretty dank.”

CHS is taking a “do no harm” approach to the story. We’ve been hoping to tell people more about the operation but the owner of the building the “edibles” operation calls home apparently didn’t want to talk about the secretive tenant and the space is sealed off to any inquiries from outside. You can knock. It’s unlikely anybody will answer.

Like these Capitol Hill medical cannabis providers, the Washington marijuana edibles industry is also poised for growth. Part of 502 was written specifically for the products. You can only possess an ounce of pot but you’re free to have a pound of marijuana “infused” foodstuffs around the house. The mainstream bakeries aren’t in on the game — yet. “My main issue is pot just doesn’t taste good,” Neil Robertson of Crumble & Flake tells one hopeful reporter. We don’t know exactly what they’re baking in there but edibles will be on the air Tuesday as KUOW tackles the topic. Maybe then we’ll learn what “Capitol Hill PB” is exactly. No word if that is a product of the stealth Pike/Pine operation.

If you’re part of the bakery and want to tell us more about it, please drop us a line at The rest of you, no funny business in the comments — any reference to specific location until we hear from the bakers will be removed as quickly as possible. But, yeah, you’re smelling what you think you’re smelling.

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8 thoughts on “The secret Capitol Hill marijuana bakery

  1. We legalized it in Montana, several shops set up in our town, then the Feds came in with a VERY heavy hand and shut everything done based on Federal Law. I don’t like being a doomsayer but I can’t imagine the Feds would uphold Federal Law in one State and ignore another. It is likely a matter of time until they come in and shut things down. I hope I’m wrong but the Feds open themselves up to a Pandora’s box if the enforce the law here and not in Washington. They even went so far as to prosecute accountants working for some shops. Best of luck.

  2. Don’t post if, you have no clue what you are talking about! Montana is one of 18 states + DC to have a medical program. Not breaking news to anyone, thanks for the warning cowboy.

  3. but you have to remember, Jay, Montana is a pretty conservative state. By virtue of that, they’re not going to raise much resistance to the Fed coming in and stomping on their medical marijuana laws.

    This state tends to be more evolved and doesn’t welcome that nonsense. I hope it continues that way.