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Capitol Hill Mixer | Toss back a bittersweet Artifizz with Broadway Video

Capitol Hill Mixer is an every now and then special on CHS featuring a local community star to celebrate and a Capitol Hill-inspired cocktail recipe worthy of the toast. Pairs nicely with our Capitol Hill Cooks recipe series. Enjoy.

The Cause
Now, I am sure you all have made your New Year resolutions and some of you have stuck to them (so far).  I am not saying, for sure, that you won’t stick to them I am just going to suggest an easy option for a resolution should yours begin to falter. This time of year tends to be the season we stay inside more on chilly nights, cooking our favorite comforting meals and curling up to watch a good movie.

Might I suggest;  resolve to think local, rent local.

I know it is convenient to stream movies nowadays via Netflix, Hulu, and a plethora of other services, but nothing beats the value of human interaction, first hand human suggestions on movie night. Check in to small, locally owned, brick n mortar video store, Broadway Video.  In 1984, Broadway Video started renting movies from the back of Bailey Coy Books (closed, the space now houses Seattle Cigar & Tobacco). Broadway Video moved to its own space in 1986 and remained there until summer of last year — Don’t worry they are still open for business just across the street at 512 Broadway E.  

According to Tony, who has been a part-timer with Broadway Video forever, hot VHS rentals included Terminator, Amadeus and the original Dune. I started my membership there in 1989, back when I went by the name ‘Renae’. I renewed my membership again under my current and real name approximately in the mid 1990ss. Since Paul Dwoskin purchased Broadway Video back in 1994 I have enjoyed asking his advice on movie picks, and as of late TV series picks (which my partner Sam & I usually rent whole series at a time and make a day of it, we’re getting older). Big renters when Paul first took on the store where Shawshank Redemption, True Lies and Pulp Fiction, also all on VHS.

I still look forward to my at least weekly check in and check out at Broadway Video.  Sheila, who had also worked at B.V. for quite some time, is a familiar face and wonderful story teller whom I am entertained by before I even pick out a movie! When asked, Sheila said her top 3 favorite ‘flicks’ are Winter’s Bone, Now Voyager and the original Alien.  Other all time staff top picks (which really can’t be finite, hard to pick just a few); Chad’s are ET The Extra Terrestrial, Night of the Hunter 1955, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Owner Paul. if given only 3 to pick suggest, recommends The 10 Commandments (1956), prettiest BluRay transfer he has ever seen, early Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, and a fabulous Italian miniseries Best of Youth (1995).

I always leave here feeling like I have been listened to on what types of films I like and suggestions being made, even having suggestions made to me ‘off the cuff’ and loving them. Go make some new acquaintances and have a chat with the folks at Broadway Video. You’ll be glad you did.

The Drink
As an ode to all genres of movies, bitter, sweet and some a little sour, I suggest shaking yourself up with this little cocktail, or have one of the fine bartenders at Poppy (a current on their cocktail list) do it for you!

2 oz. Cynar*    
3/4 oz Fresh squeezed lime juice
1/2 oz. Clear Creek Blackberry Liqueur
1/4 oz Simple Syrup

Shake ingredients w/ice, strain into ice filled old fashion glass, top w/tiny spritz soda. Lime wheel garnish

*Cynar is an Italian bitter liqueur made predominantly from artichoke and herbs.

Veronika Groth is a 20+ year resident of Capitol Hill. Coming to the Hill as a punk teen she has worked as everything from baker to real estate agent.  A current mixologist at Poppy Restaurant, she is working on a collection of short stories highlighting various humorous, sometimes painful, experiences bartending in Seattle.

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