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Capitol Hill now less fashionable with Heller’s vintage, RPS’s cool kicks off the shelf

Clearing out Heller’s Cafe (Image: CHS)

Two Capitol Hill purveyors of fashion quietly closed shop in recent weeks — and, we’re told, there are plans to put both the shops to new use.

Well, new use isn’t entirely accurate when it comes to Heller’s Cafe. The vintage clothing company with a bigger following in the world of fashion than in its own city — “We’re big in Japan,” CHS was told as we found the E Olive Way store being disassembled a few weeks back — was cleared out to make way for the coming demolition of the former home of B&O  and a few neighboring concerns including the showcase for high-end vintage.

A smoke shop bit the dust, too (Image: CHS)

The E Olive Way building will likely begin coming down before the end of this month. In its space will eventually stand this new mixed-use project. B&O could return to the space — Heller’s likely will not. Instead, Larry McKaughan and crew are looking for possible new digs. In the meantime, the business of stil-hot, American vintage continues.

There will be no tear-down at the former E Pike home of super-fly sneaker shop Rock Paper Scissors which shut down without a social media peep earlier this month. Even with a cast of characters behind the shop including partners Nathan Young, Bruce Yan, Chikara Sugiyama, Joe Nguyen and Adrien Lo, CHS hasn’t seen an announcement of the closure or heard an explanation of why the end arrived for the collectible and fashion sports shoe retailer.

CHS has learned, however, that a new tenant is being lined up for the space neighboring the Old School frozen custard shop. We hope to have details on the changes later this week.

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2 thoughts on “Capitol Hill now less fashionable with Heller’s vintage, RPS’s cool kicks off the shelf

  1. It’s a loss when any retailer closes, but it was never very clear to a passer-by what hours Rock Paper Scissors kept. Even with all those partners behind it, it seemed to be closed more often than it was open. An old retail rule says that you have to be there when the customer is.