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CHS Video | Broadway at Madison streetcar time lapse, Bullitt Center documentary

Give these two videos eight minutes and they’ll give you some pretty nifty updates on two important feats of engineering underway around Capitol Hill. For more, here’s our latest First Hill streetcar coverage and a recent post on the Bullitt Center. We’ll have more on the ultra-green office building next week — including how your work can be part of the pioneering effort.


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Kristin O'Donnell
7 years ago

Interesting!! Especially since the project spokesperson told folks from Yesler Terrace that they were going to be shutting down Yesler Way completely for a full month. Gotta let the concrete dry — or something like that? Or perhaps it is more acceptable to inconvenience some neighborhoods than others?

7 years ago

Nice video, but when are they going to fix the AWFUL road surface? The rails aren’t set flush with the road surface, causing huge sharp bumps as you drive either direction on Madison across Broadway. Surely they can’t call this finished, can they? It’s absolutely terrible quality and finish. You can see this at the end of the video.