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Blotter | Car vs. bike witnesses sought, Real Change vendor assault, Rice Krispie thief

See something others should know about? Want to let your neighbors know about a recent crime? Let CHS know via email or call/txt (206) 399-5959.

  • Knife threats on 15th: A reported homeless man wearing a large Army-style coat and a blanket was arrested Monday night for threatening people with a knife at 15th Ave E’s Coastal Kitchen and Cafe Ladro. According to police radio dispatches, the suspect had threatened a Ladro employee who fled from the shop and then threatened at least one victim inside Coastal.
  • 14th/Marion car vs. bike witnesses sought: Mom Jennifer has reached out to CHS for help tracking down the driver in a car vs. bike hit and run last Thursday afternoon near 14th/Marion. The driver left the scene — with the victim’s bike. Jennifer is hoping to get the bike back and get the driver’s insurance information to help deal with her daughter’s medical bills from the injuries suffered in the collision:

I am hoping you can help me with a situation that happened last week on Capitol Hill.  On Thursday, February 21st at 2:07pm on 14th and Marion, my daughter was riding her bike and was doored by a Seattle University student.  Unfortunately, this young woman, also took my daughter’s bike since my daughter needed to go to the ER.  The phone# was lost during the chaos of my daughter being hit.  The only information we have on this girl is she goes to Seattle University and she told my daughter she was running late for class.
I would like to request your assistance to see if you could put this on the Capitol Hill blog so we can hopefully locate this girl.  We are looking for any witness or hopefully the girl will come forward.
My daughter was seriously hurt and we need to get this situation resolved.

Jennifer says her daughter suffered a broken shoulder and required stitches for a head injury. Details on the car and driver are scant — the car was described only as a “newer sedan.”

If you have more information, call the East Precinct non-emergency number at (206) 684-4318 and refer to incident #13-61119. UPDATE — 2/27/13 2:05 PM: Seattle Bike Blog reports that the victim has her bike back and the driver has been located.

  • Real Change assault: A man was taken into custody last Friday night around 5 PM after causing a ruckus inside — and outside — the Broadway/Pike QFC before punching a Real Change vendor and stealing his stack of papers:

The suspect was arrested and booked for investigation of robbery and harassment. SPD will also seek request charges of resisting arrest.

  • Monday night assault: A Monday night robbery attempt ended when the victim fought back. Here’s the account of the incident provided by reader Chris:

I don’t know if you are interested in reporting an incident that wasn’t filed with the police but a badass friend of mine was assaulted last night before 11:30pm on his way home from CC Attles.  He had his smartphone out watching a video with headphones in and was approached by 2 persons wearing puffy coats.  They offered to sell him drugs and he declined.  Then one of them punched him in the face and demanded his phone. My friend somehow got his fingers in the guy’s mouth and threatened to take out some of his teeth/jaw and eyes if he tried to hit him again.  The two guys left and my friend still had his phone.  He tried to report but without a good description of the attackers and nothing stolen, they said it was his option to report it or not and he chose not to. The officer said they would let other units in the area know.

  • Rice Krispie Treat makes wrench threat: The cashier at a store in the 800 block of Pike (Update: we’ve changed the description of the location where the crime occurred based on updated information) called police last Friday morning after a man she recognized as having stolen from her in the past walked out of her store with a Rice Krispie Treat:

Police searched the area but could not find the suspect.

  • Fake Volunteer Park cop moves north? Remember this guy? Cops say he seems to have taken his ruse to North Seattle:

Shortly after 2:30 pm on February 10th, Purdy’s latest victim was walking through Woodland Park—near N. 50th Street and Woodland Park Avenue N—when another man, believed to Purdy, approached him and asked him to come look at a box of pornographic magazines lying in the grass inside the park.

The victim, concerned children in the park would find the box of magazines, took the box and walked to his car. The suspect followed the victim, and got inside the victim’s car. That’s when the suspect flashed a fake badge, said he was doing a “drug sting,” and said he needed to pat the victim down.

During the pat down, the suspect took the victim’s wallet, rifled through it, and returned it to the man. The suspect then took back his box of porn, got out of the victim’s car, and the victim drove off.

About an hour later, the victim realized his bank card was missing from his wallet—and had since been used at a grocery store—and called police.

SPD says Ryan Purdy also “knocked on the door of a Capitol Hill home and told a woman inside that he was a federal agent.” The woman promptly slammed the door in his face, police note. 

If you see Purdy or know where to find him, call 911.

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9 years ago

I am so glad I read this blog. The frequency I read about people being assaulted while being tuned out on their headphones and iphones/iPods, has made me very aware to not do this while on the street. I don’t need to have it happen to me, to learn the lesson. Thank you, jseattle.

9 years ago

It’d be nice to have a more thorough description. Most of the homeless guys that hang out on 15th are “regulars” that would fit the description of “wearing a large Army-style coat and a blanket”. And–I should hasten to add–I would be very surprised to hear that this was one of them threatening people with a knife, since they never cause any trouble (that I know of) and are there pretty much every day.

But either way, it’d be good to know…

9 years ago

I’ll share more when I learn more but the officer narrative wasn’t available from SPD last I checked. Hear ya about the regulars — will definitely share more when I can.

9 years ago

Was it the tall guy with light brown hair that’s been hanging out on that street last few days? I actually gave him a dollar yesterday, seemed like a nice guy. Sigh.

9 years ago

>>>My friend somehow got his fingers in the guy’s mouth and threatened to take out some of his teeth/jaw and eyes if he tried to hit him again.

9 years ago

what part of the hill was this guy in? I really wish there was more informaton.

9 years ago

Wise decision, Jim. Unfortunately, most Capitol Hill denizens have still not learned this lesson and are continuing to constantly use their smartphones/headphones as they walk down the street. They are asking for trouble and will eventually find it.

9 years ago

Scene, Lower Woodland Park. Weather: Cloudy. Our Vic is taking a stroll when he is approached by another man.

Perp: Hello, complete stranger – look at this box of porn I found, uh, over there. Yeah.
Vic: Woah, that was in the park? Kids could see that! Let’s go back to my car, get into the car, and discuss it.
Perp (from passenger seat): Actually I’m a cop. This is my, um, badge. And I need to pat you down now. I’m looking for drugs.
Vic: What? Really? Oh, OK sure, go ahead. Also here’s my wallet.
Perp: Let me look through that, and remove all the contents. (sorts through wallet). OK, lookin’ good. Here you go. (returns wallet)
Vic: Thanks, see you later.
Perp: Oh wait, I’ll take the porn too, let me take that off your hands, you don’t need to be bothered with that. (walks away)

Vic: One hour later: OMG, my ATM card is gone! Wait, that guy wasn’t really a cop?!

tony black
9 years ago

heard it through the grape vine that the driver of the car that hit the girl on the bike has been located. good stuff!