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Blotter | Prowler’s BB gun gives scare, party ends with wine glass ‘assault,’ Melrose mugging

  • Car prowler’s BB gun gives scare: CHS has learned details of a previously unreported car prowl that left two 10th Ave E residents fearing for their lives. According to the SPD report on the 6:15 AM, January 28th incident, police were called to a residence near 10th and E John to a report that a car prowler had pulled a pistol on two people after they found him rifling through their car. The victims said the suspect raised the gun at them and told to leave the area before fleeing. Police raced to the address to search for the white male in his 20s wearing all dark clothing and a scarf or bandan over his face. While a K9 unit search for the suspect was not successful, an officer found a person matching the suspect description — including his black bandana — walking with two other people. The suspect was arrested on an unrelated warrant. During an inventory search at East Precinct, police found a black “BB gun” pistol and “burglar tools” in the suspect’s bag. Charges in the case, however, might be a challenge. The victims said they would not be able to identify the suspect because of his bandana mask.

  • 11th Ave E break-in: Police were called to a 200-block 11th Ave E apartment just before midnight on February 2nd for a reported burglary that the residence ransacked and netted the thief a TV, the victim’s purse and miscellaneous jewelry.
  • Rough party on 26th Ave E: A woman’s frustration with being teased at a party about her presence on an online dating site apparently lead to her arrest after a man suffered severe cuts to his face and arm. According to the SPD report on the early morning February 3rd incident, Seattle Fire called police to the 200 block of 26th Ave E where they were preparing to transport a man to the hospital with a long, deep laceration to his arm and another cut to his face. The man told police he as at a party and had been cut by a woman with a wine glass because he had been making fun of her. Police followed a trail of blood into an apartment and found one man claiming to be the suspect’s lawyer, partygoers and the suspect — “a white female wearing a red American Eagle T-shirt seated in a chair crying hysterically.”

The responding officer said the “legal advice” the woman was receiving made it difficult to interview her:

  • Melrose Ave E Mugging: We’re waiting for more information from SPD about a reported mugging that occurred around 8 PM Tuesday in the 400 block of Melrose Ave E. There appear to be no related medic calls to the area at the same time so at least it seems nobody was injured. We’ll update when we hear more. If you have any information to share, give us a call or txt at (206) 399-5959 or send email. UPDATE: SPD says a woman was robbed of her purse in the Tuesday night incident:

Police say the suspect was described as a black male in his 20s, approximately 5’5″ with a slim build and wearing a grey baseball hat and a red checkered fleece during the mugging.

The victim, who lost two phones, an iPad, cash and personal belongings in the crime, did not require medical treatment.

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3 thoughts on “Blotter | Prowler’s BB gun gives scare, party ends with wine glass ‘assault,’ Melrose mugging

  1. RE: Car prowler’s BB gun gives scare

    Glad no one was hurt. Brandishing a pistol is a good way to get yourself shot on site.

    Too bad they didn’t snap a pic before confronting the theif.

  2. “The victims said they would not be able to identify the suspect because of his bandana mask”.

    Would a cellphone picture of someone in a bandana mask have made him easier to identify? Maybe if they’d used their special X-ray lens setting.