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Car2Go free signup ends March 3rd

You’ve undoubtedly seen the swarm of little blue and white Car2Go Smartcars that have appeared on our streets recently. I learnt about them as chair of the East District Council (and wrote a letter of support), attended the company’s presentation to the Capitol Hill Community Council and joined the program during the rollout event. They’re a “park almost anywhere” alternative to Zipcar.

I’ve now driven them a couple of times and my impressions pretty much mirror the comprehensive discussion on the Seattle Transit Blog (which addresses the Car2Go vs. Zipcar vs bus vs taxi issues). They are indeed small and a bit jerky to drive, but they do the job, and are often available within a 5 minute walk of most places on the hill. The free iPhone app works well to locate the nearest one, and then reserve it for 15 minutes while you walk to it.

i note that the company’s website is offering free membership (normally $35) and 30 mins free drive time through March 3rd, and I would encourage you to sign up now if you’re even remotely likely to use it. Note the $1000 insurance deductible and assorted other costs, including a $5 add-on to the 520 bridge toll.

(BTW: the parking nitty-gritty)

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