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CHS Pics | Porchlight’s new around-the-corner digs

To help balance out our coffee karma, CHS paid a vist to Porchlight’s new space on E Pike neighboring Old School Frozen Custard. The coffee and record shop just completed an around-the-corner move from 14th Ave to make way for a new seven-story apartment building. When that construction is complete in spring 2014, owner Zack Bolotin plans to cart his espresso gear and record bins back to demolished and rebuilt 14th to be part of the preserved storefronts on the ground floor of the mixed-use REO Flats building — named, by the way, for old timey Capitol Hill auto row player REO Motor Co. of Ransom E. Olds, the name behind the Oldsmobile. CHS did not check the bins for REO Speedwagon vinyl. If we did, any record containing I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore would have also been destined for demolition.


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9 years ago

That’s a pretty sweet space, and great location too. I wonder how they’ll feel about moving again once the new building is built, especially if the new space is more expensive?

Comrade Bunny
9 years ago

Happy to see Zach and Porchlight made a relocation rather than a closure :)