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CHS Pics | Romantic comedy Lucky Them sets scenes on Capitol Hill

You may have noticed the telltale big semi trailer, the camera crew with more gear than it seemingly knows what to do with and your favorite neighborhood actors landing gigs as extras. Yes, there’s a small-budget indie film in the neighborhood.

Filming for Lucky Them has been underway across Seattle all through the month with production moving to the Hill this week. Capitol Hill locations have included 10th and Union, an apartment building and, Tuesday night, E Pike in front of the Wildrose. Hey, $1 tacos!

The flick about a rock journalist tracking down her former rock star flame in the Emerald City is helmed by Seattle director Megan Griffiths. This guy had to dress as if it were 2003 for his role. The film stars Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church and Oliver Platt — each of which CHS very politely did not photograph at the repeated requests of the production staff on scene. We did however capture the image of Griffiths above attempting to warm her hands. Lucky you, Lucky Them, it’s not raining but, yeah, it’s a little cold out.

You can read more about the film at IMDB. It also made big news on the Living Snoqualmie web site. Also, we didn’t tell you this but if’n you were interested in checking out the set, you might want to swing by Neumos on Wednesday.

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