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CHS Pics | Unfortunate parking job jerk plowed into Michael’s car on 12th Ave

UPDATE: Just got the nicest voicemail ever considering the circumstances from Michael, the owner of the car pictured and the man most certainly NOT TO BLAME in this incident. Michael tells us he awoke to find his car in this condition. SPD believes a driver in another vehicle slammed into Michael’s car and knocked it on top of the poor little moped. The investigation continues and, Michael tells us, TV media are on the case and will be talking to him for the night’s newscast. Thanks for the call, Michael.

Original post: Every scooter rider on Capitol Hill will see this picture and say, “See!? That’s what I’m talking about right there!”

We’re not sure exactly what lead to this awkward parking job on 12th Ave early Saturday morning. Here’s what tipster Brian heard:

I woke up early this morning (maybe 3am) to a loud crash and rumble. Looked out the window and saw this wrecked Saturn sitting on top of a scooter. Unfortunately I don’t have details, just that it appears to be a hit and run on 12th Ave E between Harrison and Thomas.

SPD shows only an “accident investigation” in the area for the time period. Oops. An accident, indeed.

Thanks to @wonderwanderers for the picture.

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Andrew Taylor
7 years ago

My normal reaction to seeing the results of car-immobile object “interactions” is to hope that the driver was drunk, because I wouldn’t like to think that they drove like that ALL the time.

7 years ago

I hope the cops have the license plate number. This is why I won’t park my Vespa on the street!

7 years ago

I came to move it today and found it like this. Apparently some drunk idiot smashed into it and a few others and took off.

7 years ago

I am SURE this will be a funny story to tell your grandkids someday. So there’s that.

7 years ago

We were driving south on 12th this morning at 6:45am and saw the car in front of the vehicle pictured. We unfortunately did stop as there were others already standing on the sidewalk taking pictures. We assumed it was the owner.

The other vehicle was a bright blue color – somewhat like a neon or Saturn – and backed up into the car above. I would guess that the car above the moped has some significant front end damage considering the fact that it was partially lifted by the car in front.

Poor moped. :(

Adam Standley
7 years ago

About four years ago I went out on a limb and bought the scooter pictured here. A weird, geeky whim that became quickly the best purchase I’ve made in this city.

She’s been great.


Cops said it was a white pickup. If anyone sees a white truck with front end damage, please post the license plate number or just straight call the cops. I’m poor and want my scooter back!

It does look funny though.