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Starbucks to open Starbucks at corner of E Pike and Broadway

The Starbucks-leased space where Tully’s was bumped off Broadway will be…

A Starbucks.

The coffee and other beverages that cost more than $3 giant has confirmed its plans to open a store at the bustling corner of Broadway and E Pike.

CHS reported that the global caffeine dominator was taking over the space for purposes untold earlier this year. It could have been an Evolution Fresh. It could have been a Teavana. It could have been a Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Instead, come “in or around May,” the former Broadway State Bank building will be home a “Clover Reserve” style Starbucks store serving Starbucks favorites and reserve coffees. We’re told all Capitol Hill stores are the special “Clover Reserve” variety of Starbuckses. “You have a pretty savvy palette up there,” we’re told.

Thank you.

A Starbucks spokesperson said she has no information yet on whether the new joint will serve beer or wine. While the days of indie-styled Starbucks cafes on Capitol hill are over, the design of the new store is intended to be “pretty locally relevant.”

The Pike at Broadway Starbucks will be the second third formal store for the Seattle-based company on Broadway and fourth outlet on the stretch if you count the Starbucks kiosks nestled inside the QFCs.

Now we just need to nail down that Capitol Hill McDonald’s rumor.

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26 thoughts on “Starbucks to open Starbucks at corner of E Pike and Broadway

  1. Roy Street Coffee counts as a Starbucks, right? I know it’s site says “Starbuck’s inspired”, but I am pretty sure Starbuck’s owns it outright. In fact, if you go to their online job application page, it shows Starbucks’ information.

  2. I can’t wait for the time where there is a Starbucks on every corner. I don’t think the world knows yet that we are home of Starbucks. Burned coffee with squirts of high fructose corn syrup? Yes!!
    The more big corporate businesses, the better!!
    Amirite? High 5!

  3. Thank goodness I’m surrounded with so many great coffee choices on the hill… Kaladi, Joe, Vita, Vivace, Argent, Republik… A Starbucks in this location will merely be another corporate eye-sore. It’s a shame, though, because it’s an otherwise attractive building.

  4. I would hardly describe the Starbucks stores as “eyesores.” They are reasonably tasteful places. If you don’t like corporate chains, fine, but there’s no need to bash them and call them names. In my opinion, Starbucks is a very reputable business and one we Seattleites should be proud of. Just because they are big doesn’t make them evil.

  5. Agreed. If you don’t like them, fine but it is disappointing that folks are bashing a significant local employer who pumps a lot of money into our local economy. Also, Starbucks employees are paid a decent wage for their work and part time employees receive full healthcare – not all the independents do. If you don’t like their coffee, don’t drink it but no need to bash the company.

    I agree the building is attractive and I’m sure Starbucks will make it a nice space as they have done elsewhere. I guess some didn’t live here when it was a rent-to-own dealer and overall, that intersection is gross. Hopefully their corporate dollars will clean things up.

  6. Just a thought.

    Add to the mix of 24/7 biz (QFC, IHOP, & the coming diner a block away on 10th). Take advantage of the club crowds, etc.

    More staffing could be offset by savings in opening and closing procedures and maybe some vandalism insurance with presence around the clock.

    Plus, people would go. Concierge would even send tourists up.

  7. This whole “Starbucks coffee tastes burnt!” whine gets really tedious, too. Taste in coffee is entirely subjective. For anyone to presume to tell Starbucks fans what coffee “should” taste like is arrogant and stupid. If all their coffee tasted so horrible, people wouldn’t buy it. And please, spare us all the “they just don’t know any better” drivel.

  8. Let’s face it. Starbuck’s full city roast is a way to use lower grade beans and hide their flaws under a base coat of burnt.

    I worked at Starbucks when there were only three stores. The variety and quality was amazing and the variations of roasting did not include “full city roast”. The Italian and French roasts were luscious and the beans had a gloss you can’t find at a Starbucks today. The exotic varietals were dealt with carefully and the different qualities were not hidden under a layer of char.

    Why go to a Starbucks when you can go to Tougo or any of the other independent and fantastic coffee houses?

  9. “Why go to a Starbucks when you can go to Tougo or any of the other independent and fantastic coffee houses?”

    Because you like the taste. Regardless of whether you (“meh”) or anyone else thinks differently. Worry about your own tastes, and stop thinking everyone who likes Starbucks must just be ignorant ill-informed of their options. People like what they like– and it doesn’t have to be the same thing as you like. Some people prefer chocolate, some vanilla. Does that mean one of them is “wrong”?

  10. I agree JimS. I’ve tried so many coffee places in Seattle, Portland, and SF and am amazed at the derision I get because I don’t “mind” Starbucks coffee.

    Meanwhile, this new craze of coffee that smells and tastes like floral potpourri mixed with Folgers is acceptable and amazing? I even have friends who tell me that that is what REAL coffee should taste like.

    I like what I like and you can like that floral dirt water. As long as we’re all happy! :)

  11. There is already a Starbucks in 40 feet away in the QFC across the street. I wonder if it’ll stay open. I like to get paper cups to pour beer into from it.

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