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Blotter | 12th Ave phone mugging, meth dealer robbed, club goer claims choking

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  • 12th Ave phone rip: A woman had her cell phone snatched directly out of her left hand Thursday afternoon by a robber in the area of 12th Ave and E Pike, according to the Seattle Police Department. Police say the woman was walking to her car at a church parking lot around 2:45 p.m. when she noticed a man walking toward her on the sidewalk. When she raised her umbrella over a bush to step to the side, the man grabbed her cell phone, leaving her with a scratch on her hand, according to police. Despite numerous witness accounts of where the man ran off to, police were unable to locate the suspect.
  • Car thief prowls 13th Ave E complex: Residents of a Capitol Hill apartment complex found their secured parking garage to be less than safe Wednesday, after someone stole a car, broke into vehicles and stole items from locked storage units, according to the Seattle Police Department. 

Police say someone entered the garage in the 500 block of 13th Ave E sometime overnight last Tuesday. Tenants reported a ripped-off car, a missing sleeping bag from a storage room, and stolen vehicle registrations, iPod, and camouflage army jacket from two other cars that were broken into. 

Police are unsure how the complex was accessed, but one of the tenants told police one of the side doors to the parking garage doesn’t always locked when it’s closed. 

Someone also broke into the cleaning room and stole a set of bolt cutters, as well as an empty storage room, according to police.

  • Meth dealer robbed inside Belmont Ave apartment: A meth dealer insists it wasn’t his drugs that two men were after when they entered his Capitol Hill apartment and beat him up, before getting away with cash, prescription drugs, a laptop and digital camera, according to the Seattle Police Department. Police say the man, who lives in the 1400 block of Belmont Ave, walked his friend out of his apartment then sat down to watch TV around 2 AM last Thursday when two men suddenly threw him onto the floor 10 minutes later. The man scrambled to his knees, but was thrown and smacked around by the unknown men, who demanded his money, according to police. The man gave the burglars cash and money inside a safe, and they left with his belongings, which also included a Toshiba laptop and Cannon digital camera. While police were filing the report, they noticed some drug paraphernalia in the apartment, which the man admitted was used for his side job of selling methamphetamine, but insisted the robbery was not related. The man told police he might not have locked the door after his friend left, allowing the men easy access inside.
  • Club choking claim: A man claims he was placed in a choke hold and dragged out of a Capitol Hill club by a security guard after he accidentally sat at a VIP table, according to the Seattle Police Department. The man told police he and a friend went to the club, in the 1700 block of E Olive Way, on February 23 and sat in the table, which appeared to be unoccupied. They then placed a drink order with a waitress and gave her his credit card, according to police. Shortly after, an angry man walked up to them and told them to leave the table which was for VIPs only. The man said he apologized, that he didn’t know the table was for VIPs, and asked to stay at the table until the waitress returned, according to police. Before the waitress returned, however, a man who appeared to be a security guard came up to him, placed him in a chokehold and dragged him out of the club, according to the police report. The man told police he lost conscious while being dragged to the sidewalk. He also reported difficulty breathing and swallowing. Police suggested he seek medical attention but made no arrests.
  • Warranted woman busted after kicking cop: A leisurely evening of drinking Natty Ice with friends on the steps of a Capitol Hill apartment building turned into a night in jail for one woman, after she kicked a police officer and alerted them of her $5,000 misdemeanor warrant, according to SPD. Police say they first saw the group drinking the Budweiser Natural Ice on Friday evening in the 1700 block of Crawford Place. When officers approached the five friends, the woman said, “Go fuck yourself, fuck you. I’m not giving you my name because you will take me to jail, I have a warrant.” The woman eventually gave police her name and date of birth, which revealed her $5,000 misdemeanor warrant, according to police. As officers tried to arrest her, she said, “I’m stronger than you,” and kicked one of the officers in the leg. Her friends then walked away, according to police. Police arrested her for investigation of assault and for the warrant. Police say they also found a crack pipe in her pocket.
  • Ruse rip-off? A woman’s distracting ruse is blamed for this 20th/Union shop rip-off
  • Polevia search continuesA manhunt for Alan Polevia, on the run since escaping custody near Harborview last week, caused quite the stir in southwest Seattle on Tuesday. Polevia remains at large.
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10 thoughts on “Blotter | 12th Ave phone mugging, meth dealer robbed, club goer claims choking

  1. SPD typically redacts business names from its reports. Often we can confirm location or there are specifics in the report that allow us to pinpoint which business was involved but that wasn’t the case in this report.

  2. There was also a SWAT raid last night at an apartment at harrison and broadway. The warrant was for meth. word is someone was cooking meth in their kitchen.

    any other news on this?

  3. Or…asked another way….is there any OTHER club in this area, other than the Social, that’s pretentious enough to have “VIP” tables? Or that caters to the f**ked up types of customers who need “VIP” tables. What does “VIP” constitute here, anyway— farther away from the dumpsters at the door?

  4. The women’s phone was stolen right in front of the East Precinct at 2:45 PM and they couldn’t find the guy? Seems like maybe someone dropped the ball here.

  5. Have you ever seen the perps run? As people nearby try and react the perps hall ass. I have seen muggings in San Fran and NYC and while trying to help the victim, the perp is a block away before bystanders can unlock their phones and call 911. Nothing is amiss here, cops cannot respond in seconds no matter what the arm chair quarterbacks think.

  6. It’s hard to feel at all sorry for a meth dealer, who directly inflicts harm on people as he is raking in the profits. Why did the police not arrest him when he admitted to his illegal drug operation? Or perhaps they did?