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Broadway Hill Park named finalist for $750,000 Opportunity Fund

The Seattle Parks and Recreation Opportunity Fund is on track to finally help finish the transformation of a Capitol Hill lot into a park and community garden space. Meanwhile, Wednesday night, neighbors near 19th and Madison can attend a community work session to help design a planned green space.

broadwayhillparkThe  Broadway Hill Park project, which will create a park in the empty lot at Federal Avenue E and E Republican Street, is the only Capitol Hill-based project still in the running for funding.

View the list of recommended projects.

Project organizers are requesting $750,000 to create the urban oasis in the space acquired by Parks in 2010.

The park has previously received a $17,500 Neighborhood Matching Fund Small and Simple grant to fund the schematic design, and a $20,000 Small and Simple award to fund design development, according to the city.

Here’s a description of the project from the Opportunity Fund application:[mappress mapid=”14″]

Since March 2010, Capitol Hill residents have been working to transform the empty lot at Federal Ave E and E Republican St into an inviting, vibrant park, and community garden space. The neighbors formed Friends of Fed Rep Park, obtained two Small and Simple grants from the Department of Neighborhoods, and hired Site Workshop to develop a design for the property. Based on community input (5 public meetings and an online survey, Site Workshop created a design that reflects the diverse needs and interests of the neighborhood. We propose implementing this design through the construction of the newly-named “Broadway Hill Park.”

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The Opportunity Fund provides $15 million in funding for community initiated park development or property acquisition projects. Parks will be allocating approximately $8 million towards projects in the 2012/2013 funding cycle of the Opportunity Fund.

A public hearing on the recommendations will be held from 6 to 9 PM April 22 at the Miller Community Center.

Wednesday night, you can be part of the ongoing community design process to create a new park at 19th and Madison.

You are invited to the 2nd of three Community Design meetings to inform the look and feel of the outdoor space at the corner of 19th & Madison. The landscape architects will show us several renditions that they’ve designed based on input from 170+ people in the community!

WHO: You and your neighbors
WHEN: Wednesday, March 27th @ 6:30pm
WHERE: Hearing, Speech, and Deafness Center @ 1625 19th Ave, 2nd Floor Conference room

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8 thoughts on “Broadway Hill Park named finalist for $750,000 Opportunity Fund

  1. You’ll never see the light of day in that park because the developers who are tearing down the white house in the picture are erecting a monstrosity that will go from corner to corner on that lot— right up to the cement foundation pictured, which is already elevated. It will block ALL morning light from this project. SAD.

    • I took the liberty of making a concept photo of the park’s future ambiance after the developers raze the mansion to make townhomes or condos. I took one of the developer’s very own building sketches and imposed it on the park. I just took a walk to the lot and inspected whereabouts the shadow would extend. Look what I came up with either HERE: or in the website link for my post (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links here)


      • What is the time and date for your projection?
        It looks as if it’s ~7am during late winter. It’s kinda a strawman to provide only one projection. From the looks of it, a july or august image will have that shadow projecting into the street that early in the morn. Of course, with the south side neighbors, any time after 10am will be full sun no matter what time of the year — when the sun actually is out!!!!

    • Yeah, and two members of the community have offered to buy the house from them to save the block and community from their eyesores but they have declined both offers. Is there any way the community can just say NO WAY to these guys? They don’t even LIVE on the west coast. They’re the same folks who just obliterated B&O espresso also.

    • Even with a new apartment/condo building to the east, this park will get lots of sunlight. It will only be shaded for a few hours in the morning, at most. After that, as the sun moves from east to west, the park will be flooded with light all day long.

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