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Moving truck thief spoils Capitol Hill couple’s big move — UPDATE

Jason writes CHS with a terrible story — and a call for help. If you saw anything early Sunday morning — or happen to have seen a large Budget moving truck with Oklahoma plates in the area today, give police a call right away at 911. Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 6.29.24 PM

Please help. My partner and I just got married a month ago and are relocating to Ca. We packed up our entire apt last night and put everything we own in it. Everything that we have acquired from the last 7 years of our lives here in Seattle. As we woke up to make our drive to Ca this morning we noticed our moving truck was missing. After calling all towing companies and making a police report we have come to the realization that we may not ever see our things again. Last seen on the corner of boylston ave & E olive st around 3:00 am where we parked it. It is a very large White GMC 24′ Budget enclosed delivery truck. Oklahoma license plate #2RJ874. If there is anyway u guys can post this that would be extremely helpful.

[mappress mapid=”2″]We’re checking with Jason to find out if there is any other support people can provide to help the couple out in this awful situation.

UPDATE — Monday, 3/18/13 3:22 PM: Bad news from Jason. The sheriff’s department contacted let him know the truck was found in Renton — empty:

we received a call this morning from budget about a Moving truck being found, they wanted us to check the inside and see if anything was there but when we get there the local sheriff said it was empty and all that was left were 2 blankets that were once used to hold up the desks…

at this point I’m trying to get some pics together to just show what we lost and see if anything stands out to anyone and hopefully they might have seen any of it. Even the moving boxes, most were from public storage and say public storage on it along with Jason Box in black marker, I packed a lot of toys and wrote that on many of the boxes, and since my partner doesnt collect them I had to make sure I could keep my stuff separate so if someone happens to come across them by a dumpster who knows.

To this point, Jason has declined any other help and just wants people to keep an eye out for their stuff. We’ll keep you posted.

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16 thoughts on “Moving truck thief spoils Capitol Hill couple’s big move — UPDATE

  1. So terrible; sorry to hear about this. jseattle, do keep us posted if there’s anything folks can do to help out Jason and his partner.

  2. There has to be a tracking system on that truck. I can’t believe a rental truck from Oklahoma, of all places, doesn’t have a LoJack or something.

  3. I walked up Olive St. early this morning (Mar 17) on my way home from work @5:30am. I specifically remember seeing this moving truck parked there at that time.

  4. I bet it will turn up with only the more easily re-sellable things like electronics taken. Hopefully they have renters insurance or Budget has insurance that covers it. I wonder how they drove it away without the key.

    • Sigh.. It’s a GM truck, they aren’t exactly high security keys (and rental moving trucks aren’t exactly well maintained). In fact, you could probably start that thing with a hammer and a screwdriver :\

      So sorry for this guy. I remember walking by the truck (I live in the same building as him, apparently) and being surprised that they left it parked overnight. Makes sense if they’re moving long distance…

  5. Ahhhh man my girlfriend and I walked by them a couple times loading the truck up on Saturday and I heard the truck’s back-up signals from my bed late Saturday night, thinking it was an odd time to be hitting the road with a Uhaul. Sucks. So sorry to hear about it….a terrible send off from the neighborhood

  6. So sorry to hear. This is horrible. I always try to tell myself everyone is good, at least born that way, but this really makes me question if we are all just selfish heartless assholes.

  7. So friggin sorry to hear this… I live in the same building and randomly found out about this on facebook. Chances are no one witnessed this at this hour but still seems worth posting a few notices/signs. I guess even with a description of thieves or vehicles, it still may not do much. But at least warns folks in the area who may not know of this site. It would be great to put some decoy’s out there around cap hill a few times a year to nab some of these dirt bags.

  8. Heartbreaking. I can’t believe the guys didn’t have insurance. I hope they can recover as many items as possible. They had some specific items which will hopefully lead to an arrest when they go for sale.

  9. Jason, come on! Can’t we help you out? I know you’ll pay it forward. I’m from California and I want your relocation there to be so, so happy… not tinged with this terrible thing.

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