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SPD redirects traffic, grabs shovels as truck drops cement mess at Pine and Broadway

A truck carrying cement debris and large cement blocks from a nearby construction site suffered broken equipment and dropped part of its load in the intersection of Pine and Broadway Wednesday afternoon.

Police were forced to block lanes of traffic in all directions at times during the cleanup as construction workers from the site arrived to help clean up the mess. Officers also grabbed shovels themselves to help clear Broadway as quickly as possible.

The incident began just after 3:30 PM and estimates at the scene came in at around 30 minutes for a hoped clearance of the main debris area on E Pine.

A commercial vehicle enforcement officer was being called to the scene to investigate.

As of 4:10 PM, the closure was limited to E Pine east of Broadway as police waited for more clean-up equipment to arrive — ETA for the gear was between 30 and 90 minutes.

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8 years ago

How much fuel is being used by these helicopters for this dust pile. What is life.

8 years ago

Cement or concrete?

8 years ago

Perhaps both. There was powder and chunks :)

8 years ago

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