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Blotter | Man says robbed after turning down prostitute at Broadway/Pike

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  • Man robbed at Broadway/Pike after refusing to pay for sex: A heavily intoxicated man told police he as punched in the head and robbed of his Blackberry and $42 cash early Monday morning by a man and a woman after he said he didn’t want to pay for sex. According to the report on the incident, police found the victim at the Shell station at Broadway and Pike where he had gotten into a car with the woman he had met earlier in the night. The victim said the woman then told him he was going to have to pay if he wanted to have sex with her. The victim said he told the woman and a man in the vehicle he wasn’t interested at which point he was punched and robbed. The heavily intoxicated victim provided only a general description of his male attacker and the suspect vehicle was not located. The victim declined medical treatment.
  • Boren brick tosser wakes up building: Residents of an apartment building at Boren and Union awoke to a fire alarm and had to evacuate the building in the wee hours of the morning after a man threw a brick through glass, gained entry to the building and set about spraying the fifth floor with a fire extinguisher. The early Monday morning incident brought out SPD and Seattle Fire as residents were cleared from the building. Inside, firefighters found the suspect, who had entered the building thanks to the brick earlier in the morning, amidst the scene of mayhem on the building’s fifth floor. He was arrested by police and booked into jail for investigation of burglary and malicious mischief.
  • Christopher Hairston, the SPD cop charged by the City Attorney in a 2012 assault of a handcuffed suspect on Capitol Hill, has pleaded not guilty.
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