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Capitol Hill food+drink | ‘Experimental’-natured Cafe ABoDegas comes to 15th Ave E, Liberty confirms E Olive Way

Feeling "experimental"? Try the ABoDegas beet cookies (Image: Cafe ABoDegas)

Feeling “experimental”? Try the ABoDegas beet cookies (Image: Cafe ABoDegas)

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CHS ain’t usually down with the whole UPcase/dOWNCASE play in business names. But we’ll make an exception for Cafe ABoDegas — if, for no other reason, than for how hard Jazmine Knaggs and crew have been working to overhaul their new 15th Ave E home since taking it over last week in preparation for a hoped-for opening on Wednesday.

Neighbors noticed the window paint last week -- something new is coming (Image: CHS)

Neighbors noticed the window paint last week — something new is coming (Image: CHS)

And, hey, it has meaning.

  • Abode — to evoke the feelings of home and shout out to the homeys in Sandpoint, Idaho where Knaggs and ABoDegas partner Uriah DuPerault hail from
  • Bodega — to evoke a sense of the corner market
  • Degas — to evoke the French impressionist

See? It’s evocative, gets the people going. And the 6th Ave original, Knaggs says, is also stuffed with art. That’ll come, too, to 15th Ave. But first Knaggs and the DuPerault (again with the case thing!) need to finish remaking the former Insomniax cafe in their own vision.

“I want people to go to the downtown shop in their businesses suit whatever and come here after work,” Knaggs tells CHS.

CHS once obsessed about the Insomniax letterring (Image: CHS)

CHS once obsessed about the Insomniax letterring (Image: CHS)

Insomniax, especially in its later years, never quite lived up to its name. Its limited hours, for one, didn’t have much to do with insomnia. Knaggs also said she was surprised how much space is available to her in the cafe that previously limited itself to coffee and a few snacks. The most exciting post CHS had written on the cafe was this report on a briefcase full of pot found there in 2011.

The plan for ABoDegas Capitol Hill includes many of the breakfast goodies and lunches being created at the 6th Ave original. Knaggs said to expect freshly baked scones, sandwiches and creative wraps made for you on the spot in the newly overhauled space. Coffee will feature the beans of Sandpoint’s own Evans Brothers.

“Every single thing we make here, our heart is into it.” Knaggs said. “I know because I eat it.”

Wraps o'plenty (Image: Cafe ABoDegas)

Wraps o’plenty (Image: Cafe ABoDegas)

Prices will be reasonable — the goal is a lunch for $10. Hours to start with will be 6 AM to 9 PM weekdays with weekends to be determined. Knaggs said she feels like there will be a lot of neighborhood and Group Health employee habits to modify after years of limited hours in the space.

The coffee and the food, she hopes, will quickly make the cafe across the street from the 15th/Denny 7-11 a destination again. Meanwhile, Bakery Nouveau Capitol Hill just up the street and nearing an opening of its own will also help make this stretch of 15th Ave E worth a breakfast, lunch (and beyond) visit.

“We’ll have meatloaf sandwiches, a huge range of food. We don’t corner ourselves,” Knaggs said. “We’re experimental.”

Knaggs said the experimental nature also means the cafe caters to gluten free diets and is willing to try to cater to just about any of the others.

For now, Knaggs is pulling hard for a Wednesday opening. “There’s a lot of energy but its still got a way to go,” she said.

Cafe ABoDegas Capitol Hill is located at 102 15th Ave E. You can learn more at

Capitol Hill food+drink notes

  • Yay. The Broadway Farmers Market returns this weekend — could Orale Chamo be the next Kedai Makan?
  • Over the weekend, a fire blamed on spontaneous combustion did $20,000 damage to the building slated to be Lost Lake diner. We asked owners Jason Lajeunesse and Dave Meinert if damage from the blaze was significant enough to push back their planned opening at the end of the month — too early to say, the duo says. Should know more later this week.
  • Bleu Bistro reportedly charging “sick leave” surcharge.
(Image: Coastal Kitchen)

Coastal’s Jeremy Hardy and the mayor (Image: Coastal Kitchen)

  • Liberty management last week confirmed our report — they’re opening a new bar on E Olive Way.
  • Did you buy the Bus Stop yet?
  • Bad news for Capitol Hill bartender Matthew Cannelora.
  • Mayor (and incumbent candidate) Mike McGinn showed up at Coastal Kitchen’s anti-coal train oyster-centric fundraiser last week.
  • E Pine is getting another Capitol Hill Mexican restaurant. The people behind Ballard’s La Carta de Oaxaca are bringing an offshoot of their Queen Anne Mezcaleria Oaxaca to Capitol Hill. As we note, Capitol Hill has a lot of Mexican restaurants. And Fogon will be mere blocks away. Still, we’d bet they’ll all do fine.
  • From the other end of the cost spectrum, Broadway’s Taco del Mar now stands empty.
  • Broadway’s Garage posted this rendering of the patio and outside bar project CHS wrote about earlier in the bar, bowling and billiards joint’s bid to better connect with the street.9964_10152752655815607_25933909_n
  • The Daily Journal of Commerce picked Capitol Hill club Q as its architecture “project of the month”:

    Rampl said he and Smith were convinced that Seattle’s club crowd was tired of “sitting on broken furniture that reeks of beer.” Maybe they were looking for something with a little more glamour.

  • If you missed, CHS had news of this new gluten-free bakeshop on Broadway. Check out Guilt Free Goodness yet?
  • Free ice cream Wednesday at Lick: “Free! Single LICK tomorrow April,17th at our Capitol Hill store from 1-3pm Any cream you want oh and KING 5 will be here!”
  • Sun Liquor shared this — the best Vine… ever:


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  1. In a Mexican coincidence, the Coastal Kitchen is changing from the current New Orleans festival menu to Oaxaca on April 29th.

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