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Capitol Hill’s wants are filled: Phoenix Comics to open on Broadway

Nazar says he digs the Green Lantern. You? (Image: CHS)

Nazar says he digs the Green Lantern. You? (Image: CHS)

Over the years, CHS readers pleaded for an ice cream shop on Capitol Hill. There are now — again — ice cream shops on Capitol Hill. They asked for bakeries. They got more bakeries. And CHS readers — and others around Capitol Hill — have asked and asked and asked for a comic book shop.

On May 4th — Free Comic Book Day, 2013 — you’ll get your wish.

Phoenix Comics & Games is set to open Saturday on Broadway just south of Dick’s. Affordable burgers and comics in a single block? It’s a fan boy or girl’s dream. It was also the dream of first time business owner Nick Nazar.

[mappress mapid=”57″]”This is the reason I moved to Seattle in the first place,” Nazar said of the new shop he’ll debut Saturday. Phoenix will stock comics, of course, but also board and card games. Nazar had worked at comic book stores in the past before a stint with FedEx and is now ready to run the business the way he would like to be treated when enjoying his passion.

“It’s about being really present and offering superior customer service,” Nazar said.

Nazar said it’s a golden age for comic books with the industry’s players large and small producing great stories.

“There are a ton of independent books out now going really well,” he said. Staying ahead of the indie curve and stocking the most innovative titles will be Phoenix’s ongoing challenge.

It's all about marketing (Image: Phoenix)

It’s all about marketing (Image: Phoenix)

For those of you thinking you better get a job at Phoenix to support your habit, you may have to wait. For now, Nazar says, he’s staffed and ready to serve.

Starting with Saturday’s opening, hours will be 10a-9p on Saturdays, closed Sundays and 11a-midnight on weeknights.

The Broadway storefront is the former home of the Broadway Boutique which closed earlier this year with its owner complaining of a “40% rent increase” after more than 20 years of operation.

You can learn more by following @Phoenix_Comics on Twitter or shop its digital comics store here.

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25 thoughts on “Capitol Hill’s wants are filled: Phoenix Comics to open on Broadway

  1. Welcome Phoenix! Very happy you’re here.

    Very happy you’re not a bank or another Pho or Mexican restaurant too!

  2. Nick was my manager at FedEx, and from our time working together I know that this guy is one of the kindest, most sensitive and thoughtful people I’ve ever had the chance to meet. Nick, if you read this : congrats and good luck! You will have my pull list soon!

  3. Quote “CHS readers — and others around Capitol Hill — have asked and asked and asked for a comic book shop.”

    Demand ===> Supply

    The Demographic for Cap. Hill are more aligned to a Comic Store then just about anywhere in town except the U District.

  4. Michael, I have to assume that there was a little research put into the process. sure, not EVERYBODY wants a comic book, but it’s a niche market and I’m tickled to death that somebody is taking a chance.

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  6. All right, halfway there. Will Phoenix stock indies and local comix? There’s a new wave of comix artists bubbling up (cf. “The Intruder”) and they will need some place for their work to go.

  7. Wishing Phoenix well, hoping Xanadu in Belltown doesn’t take too much of a hit. They’re good folks.

    The later hours are a stroke of genius.

  8. Now, a clever man – a quick man – might see if Seattle’s own Phoenix Jones wants to show up to endorse this new establishment.

    Good on you, Nazar. Thanks for contributing to the community.

  9. I am all for this! I’ve been going to Comic Dungeon in Wallingford, but I am definitely wiling to support a good comic shop that’s just steps from my door!

  10. The Seattle area is home to some of the most renowned names in gaming, one of the biggest and best comic book conventions in the country and an equally successful video game convention. Capitol Hill itself already has a popular table-top gaming store and lounge, a Gamestop that has lines going around the store for midnight releases, a pinball bar and a whole mess of people that either work for or frequent some or all of the above. You don’t need to do research to figure out opening a comic book shop on Broadway is a brilliant idea, you just need to be in Seattle and still breathing.

    I am also a Comics Dungeon fan, but I am all for a shop actually in my neighborhood, especially if they can offer the same selection and service. Looking forward to Saturday.

  11. Walked by tonight to take a look and the store is still completely gutted inside. If the banner hadn’t been hanging out front, I wouldn’t have even guessed anything was going to be there anytime soon. I will be amazed if it’s actually open on Saturday, but maybe they’re better at moving in than I am.

  12. The spin on this article is terrible; ‘Capitol Hill wants more upscale desert culture and gets it = Capitol Hill wants more Comics and gets them’, nonetheless very excited to have a comic shop on the hill. Especially with the coming closing of Half Price Books and Wall of Sound/Spine & Crown having to relocate in June. The last comics-specific shop we had (below the old Vivace location on Denny) was a regular haunt for the brief time it was open, as was Fallout for comics and LPs, both have been missed! So this is great news.

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  14. Stopped by today for the opening and found the staff super friendly and helpful. They have room for way more stock then they currently have, and the owner said he wanted to stock customer requests.

    Go patronize this awesome store and help them grow!

  15. Nice! Hey can you stock some individual baseball card packs?? Can’t buy them anywhere at all anywhere downtown or cap hill. A few boxes will fit in nicely. Fun.

  16. Congratulations Nick!! I also worked with Nick at Kinko’s/Fed Ex Office and agree with Dan in saying that he is one of the most genuine and kind hearted souls hou you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Unfortunately. I was experiencing quite a few personal issues while working there, but Nick would always ask to see if there was anything he could do to help or anything I needed. I feel like our realtionship went beyond that of simply co-workers and have nothing but fond memories of him. Nick, if you’re reading this, it sounds like you’ve found your true calling. Sorry about being such a pain in the butt when we worked together. If there’s such a thing as karma, this will be a very happy and succesful endeavor for you and your partner.

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