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McGinn, Murray will race for mayor — according to champagne-addled 43rd District Dems

The 43rd District Democrats posted results from their recent Ballots and Bubbly benefit —  their tally after drinking sparkling alcohol with the candidates puts incumbent Mike McGinn and State Senator Ed Murray atop the heap of candidates vying for the two top slots in the August primary:

341 – Mike McGinn
236 – Ed Murray
21 – Peter Steinbrueck
13 – Tim Burgess
5 – Kate Martin (tie)
5 – Charlie Staadecker (tie)
1 – Bruce Harrell

The results echo what we recorded in the CHS 2013 Mayoral Primary (probably the first of many!) we held in February:ChartExport (2)

We asked the CHS poll respondents what was most important to them in selecting a candidate — you’ll see our voters have high expectations across the board though nightlife wasn’t valued as highly as the rest and transportation came in as the strongest factor.

Also, note that not all respondents were asked about the environment so comparisons between that category and the others should be done a proportional basis.

ChartExport (1)

The results from the 43rd are probably good news for candidate Murray who semi-announced his candidacy in an appearance on Capitol Hill in December. Once the session wraps up in Olympia, Murray will be able to officially enter the race. Expect voters concerned about civil rights to be big fans — though in our poll, those weighing the candidate’s views on civil rights as “very important” supported McGinn over Murray by nearly the same factor as all respondents. Meanwhile, Tim Burgess, with his Capitol Hill headquarters and strong performance for CHS voters concerned with crime and public safety, waits in the wings. He posted 4th place in the 43rd. Of course, Publicola reminds, failed candidate Joe Mallahan came out in top of the champagne straw poll in 2009 — and look where that got him.

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