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Miller Community Center opens its Little Free Library on World Book Night

Miller storyIf you’ve got some dusty old books laying around the house, tomorrow is your chance to help them find a new life. Miller Community Center will be hosting a World Book Night Celebration, simultaneously launching their new Little Free Library.

“It’s a nice way to reuse and recycle your books rather than just getting rid of them some other way,” said community center coordinator Sophia Sasaki.

The April 23rd event will run from 6-8 pm, and will also feature bookbinding activities, and a keynote speech from Philip Lee of Readers to Eaters, a group that promotes healthy eating habits through literacy. Food literacy is something of an emphasis at Miller Community Center, which features its own urban community garden. The center works with Seattle World School students to teach harvest techniques and culinary skills.

For more information, visit the event page here.

For those who haven’t done their reading, World Book Night is an annual worldwide event in which 30 books handpicked by a panel of librarians are given away for free by volunteers to light and non-readers. Miller Community Center has chosen the night to launch its own Little Free Library. Community members can come and donate their used books to be placed in the free library, which looks like a “big birdhouse” according to Sasaki. Those who find books that tickle their fancy are free to take them from the library without charge.

“We’re very excited about the launch,” Sasaki said. “I think it’s a great way to connect the community and promote literacy and a love of reading.” The community center decided to try out their own Little Free Library after hearing about the project’s success in Wisconsin, where the idea originated.

Those who don’t have books to give can still donate by participating in the MCC Supply Drive, which is seeking “shelf-stable foods (especially those high in protein, such as peanut butter and canned tuna), bus tickets, feminine hygiene products, sample-sized toiletries, and diapers.”

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