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On the List | Record Store Day, Broadway Farmers Market opening day, Earth Day seed drive, Chow memorial (+18 more)

It's longboard season on Capitol Hill, CHS Flickr pool contributor thejedi says

It’s longboard season on Capitol Hill, CHS Flickr pool contributor thejedi says

Organizing a Capitol Hill-related event? Add it to our community calendar. Now with pics!

Thursday, April 18th

  • Microhousing Development Hearing (which we wrote about here) in Council Chambers, Second Floor (600 4th Ave), 11:30a – 1p.
  • Earth Day at Miller Community Center: a plant and seed exchange, a workshop to turn t-shirts in reusable bags, and a food and supply drive. Miller Community Center (330 19th Ave), 4:30 – 8p.
  • Wine tasting: sample the flavors of Spain at Vino Verite (208 Boyston Ave E), 6p.
  • Earth Day at Babeland: Eco-Sexy Trivia night with, and hosted by Ben DeLaCreme. Teams of 2 – 6 can snack on treats from Oddfellows Cafe, while recalling green facts to vie for prizes. Babeland (707 E Pike),  7p.
  • Cheap Wine and Poetry: wine goes great with poetry, a loaf of bread, and thou. It’s true! Omar Khayyam says so.  Richard Hugo House, 7p.
  • Art show opens and closes: re/semblance features Erin Frost’s recent multimedia work steeped in eroticism, ritual, and performance in video and polaroids. Vignettes (1617 Yale Ave), 7 – 10p.
  • Fashion show: Join From Door to Cubicle (FDTC) for the first ever fashion show at Retrofit Home (1103 E Pike St) featuring designs by Mr. Tan Tran. 7 – 9p.

  • World premiere of The Other Paris, a film by Luc Sante. The film explores the Parisian underbelly from three directions. Showing through Saturday at Northwest Film Forum, 8p.

hikingFriday, April 19

  • 520 bridge: closed!
  • Women in the wilderness: historian Judy Bentley shares historical stories of outdoor women from her book Hiking Washington’s History. Women’s Century Club (at Harvard Exit Theater 807 E Roy), 12p.
  • Shindig: Fables and Fiction Book Drive at Raygun Lounge.
  • Author reading: fiction writer Gish Jen goes wild and discusses her non-fiction book Tiger Writing: Art, Culture, and the Interdependent Self. Elliott Bay Book Company, 7p.
  • Night Market Friday: shop with bubbles and beats at Style Syndicate (1728 12th Ave).  This curated fashion shop is in countdown to closing doors at the end of April.
  • August: Osage County is a darkly comedic Pulitzer Prize-winning drama by Tracy Letts. It’s a long one: running time is 3 hours, 30 minutes with two intermissions. Also, be aware there’s adult content. No kids! Continues through Saturday, April 27th at Balagan Theater (1524 Harvard Ave).

Saturday, April 20

  • Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 9.32.39 AMHappy Record Store Day 2013: Go shopping.
  • 12th Avenue Spring Clean: gloves and trash pickup supplies provided, along with coffee and snacks for volunteers. Meet up at the SE corner of 12th where it intersects both Madison and Union, 10a – 12p.
  • Public memorial Cheryl Chow, a longtime civic leader, educator, and City Council member.  Town Hall, 10:30a – 2p.
  • Cathedrals 5: This show features a rare performance by Mirah, with Shenandoah Davis opening and The Moondoggies closing in rare acoustic form.  Informal seating: pews, benches chairs, floor blankets, cushions, etc. All artists will be performing unique sets adapted to the acoustics of this epic old unfinished cathedral. St. Marks Cathedral (1245 10th Ave E), 8p sharp.
  • splitSplit Bill: this badmarmarDANCE and  Red Legg Dance co-production offers a two-fer performance of dance at Broadway Performance Hall, 8p.  Also performing on Sunday.

Sunday, April 21

  • The market opens! The market opens!  New to the Broadway Farmers Market this year: vendors of gluten-free baked goods, blue eggs, Venezuelan eats, locally grown mushrooms (not that kind), and more. 11a – 3p.
  • Earth Day Canopy Climbing in Volunteer Park: here’s your chance to see  up close  what’s really up there in the trees. Reservations recommended.  Volunteer Park, 11a – 5p.sacred films
  • Earth Day kinky craft: Attend a mini workshop of flogging then learn to make a flogger with a recycled bicycle tire. Smack! Babeland, 1p.
  • Sacred Journeys Film Festival opens with a reception, after party, and film screening of Living with Spirits, 10 Days in the Jungle with Ayahuasca. The film festival includes participation from local sacred art artists, musicians, spiritual leaders & healers. Melrose Market (1532 Minor Ave), 2 – 7p.
  • Play read-through: Join the cast and production team of Outsiders Inn as they do a first read-through of the play The Bloody Banquet, to be staged in June. Elliott Bay Book Company, 5:30p.
  • “Buckaroo” audition: be in the audience for auditions and cast your vote for who should be members in a new all-male revue show in Seattle. Fred Wildlife Refuge (128 Belmont Ave E), 7p.
  • We are Winning, Don’t Forget is a collection of short works by Jean-Gabriel Périot. Moving image and photographic archives make up the raw material of his shorts, which are edited to create an impressionistic story or narrative, typically aided by compelling soundtracks. Northwest Film Forum, 7p.

Monday Reminder
Bonus: Don’t forget about the celebration to officially open 15th and Madison’s Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial building… in the worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld.

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early bird
early bird
7 years ago

I was secretly hoping that a side effect of Cappy Hill getting all ritzy and expensive and overpopulated with techy office workers versus hungover musicians would be that the farmer’s market would open earlier. I find 11am-3pm to be a really awkward time.

Signed, formerly hungover every Sunday until becoming old and boring

7 years ago