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Retail Therapy marks a decade in retail (and feisty window displays) on Capitol Hill

(Image: Maggie Soladay for Retail Therapy)

(Image: Maggie Soladay for Retail Therapy)

Retail Therapy is celebrating a decade of displaying feisty underwear in its Pike Street storefront. The boutique will be celebrating “10 years of madness, love and joy” on May 1st with a big bash featuring DJ Riz Rollins, local designers featuring their work and in-store surprises.

“I’m feeling pretty fortunate that we’ve made it this far,” said owner Wazhma Samizay, whose 10 year streak on Capitol Hill stands out from the slew of retailers who seem to come and go each week. Her secret to success?

“I think the biggest thing for us is that we’ve always made sure to engage with the community and be a part of the community, so we’re grateful for all the local support that we constantly get.” Samizay estimates Retail Therapy has done about 70 art shows, 40 fashion shows, and countless fundraisers for local non-profits in between.

Shot from Samizay's upcoming line "Bobojan"

Shot from Samizay’s upcoming line “Bobojan”

Retail Therapy’s roots in that community stretch all the way back to the first days of business in 2002 according to Samizay. “The big thing that had me start the store was that I had a really great creative community, and I didn’t feel like they had enough space to show their work.”  Opened in 2002, soon after the events of 9/11, Samizay specifically wanted to provide a venue for political work, which were something of a taboo in the climate of the times. The art venue evolved into the clothing and jewelry boutique it is today. “The space has evolved in a lot of ways as an extension of myself,” Samizay said.

Next up on Samizay’s list—starting her own clothing line with local designer Danial Webster. “The line is called Bobojan and inspired by my mom and her four sisters who have four very distinct looks, personalities, shapes and how they ultimately choose to express their individual style.” The line will include not only clothing, but a limited eyeshadow palette that will launch at the 10 year anniversary party. “All in all there is a lot of excitement on my end between both having hit the ten year mark and the opportunity to do something creative that will be unique to the shop,” Samizay said.

We talked with Samizay earlier this year about the business of fashion on Capitol Hill. Even with the challenges of sustaining a brick and mortar retail operation, 2013 also marks a few more major Hill retail milestones including Babeland’s 20th anniversary.

Retail Therapy’s 10 Year Anniversary party will run from 8-10 PM at the 905 E Pike St store. For more information check out

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7 years ago

I love Retail Therapy! Congrats on 10 years!