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What really happened at 10th and Pike: SPD busts five for hate crime after street beating — UPDATE: SPD report


(Images: Oleg Zharsky)

(Images: Oleg Zharsky)

10th/Pike fracas: Thursday’s X-Files version of the blotter had an item about a disturbance outside of the clubs and restaurants at 10th and Pike Wednesday night involving a lot of police cars, an ambulance and some kind of fracas. Police originally told us the event was cleared without a suspect or a victim being found but after seeing more pictures from the scene (thanks, Oleg!), we dug around and found we’d directed SPD to look at the wrong case.

We’ve now learned that SPD is about to release information on the case which is being investigated as a hate crime involving four males arrested for assault after witnesses reported they were violently beating on a black male with their fists and a skateboard while shouting “nigger” and “faggot.”

According to the preliminary information on the situation, police came to the scene at 10th and Pike after a caller reported a group harassing people in the area had violently turned on a black male and were beating him. Police arrived to find five males on E Pike matching the group’s description. As they spoke to the suspects, the victim showed up, still bleeding, and told police he had been beaten by the males.

As the two arriving officers made the suspects lie face down while they waited for back-up, one of the suspects jumped up and ran. One officer gave chase and captured the suspect in an alley in the 1500 block of Broadway.

A search of the suspects revealed one was carrying a fixed-blade knife while the one who ran had a fixed-blade knife and what appeared to be a meth pipe, according to the report.

The victim told police he didn’t know the males who were arrested or why they beat him but he did reveal to officers that he had punched a female who had called him a “snitch” earlier in the day near the Harvard Market QFC.

The suspects were booked for investigation of malicious harassment. The victim was taken to Harborview for further treatment.

UPDATE: We’ve added the full SPD narrative report with redactions by SPD (black) and CHS (red, suspect names) from the incident, below. You’ll note that each of the suspects is in his 20s. There have been no charges yet in the case as prosecutors weight the possible hate crime.

UPDATE — Monday, June 3 — 11:25 AM: The King County Prosecutor’s office tells us it will have updates on its decision regarding charges Monday afternoon.

20130531130432205_2 by Chs Blog

Truck set on fire
In other news from the East Precinct, police are investigating a truck fire believe to have been set intentionally Friday morning at 24th and E Thomas. Seattle Fire responded to the blaze to the tucked away intersection a block from the main drags of E Madison and 23rd just before 4 AM. A subsequent investigation revealed signs of arson.

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25 thoughts on “What really happened at 10th and Pike: SPD busts five for hate crime after street beating — UPDATE: SPD report

  1. Are there any photos of the suspects? Does SPD release that? The street kid situation on Pike is getting out of hand…

  2. Im surprised this didn’t turn into a riot situation. If I saw some guy getting beat up by 4 guys I wouldn’t stand around snapping photos. SPD must have been in the right place at the right time for once…This could have gotten way out of hand. Happy they cleared this punks off the streets.

    • It wasn’t all that clear, there must have been 200 people on the street watching. Like it said it was very violent. No one could really hear or ascertain what was happening. I also saw the scene where the girl was punched, that was also quite violent, by both parties. The whole thing was a total mess, were lucky that no one died.

  3. Quick note that we’ve corrected the post to five arrested from the original fourth. There was an additional suspect listed in the report.

  4. Hm. Karma maybe? Who punches a girl for name calling? Not to say that a beating is ever deserved, but violence begets violence!

    • The right response to that is to stop the guy and hold him for the cops, not beat him with a skateboard and shout racial slurs. There should be consequences, sure, but you don’t get to take the law into your own hands.

  5. I wonder if these fine citizens frequent Cal Anderson Park after hours. Wouldn’t be surprised. Sucks to hear about this type of crap going down in our neighborhood.

  6. If he punched a woman earlier for calling him “snitch” then he’s no innocent victim nor does it sound like he was targetted due to race or sexual orientation but due to beating up a woman. If she claims he called her “bitch” while punching her would he be charged with a hate crime too?

    • Re-read the report “The victim told police he didn’t know the males who were arrested or why they beat him but he did reveal to officers that he had punched a female who had called him a “snitch” earlier in the day near the Harvard Market QFC”. You have it backwards. The “victim” being the black male who got beat up.

    • You have a point. If it turns out these guys are friends of the woman who got punched earlier, they will be able to claim that they targeted him not because of his race or sexual orientation, but because he punched their friend. Whether he knew them or not will be irrelevant. Names they called him while they were beating him up will probably not be relevant either, because it wont be why they targeted him. Assault, of course, but not a hate crime. Similarly, even if he called the woman “bitch” when he punched her, if he was punching her because she called him a snitch, his would not be a hate crime (based on gender) either. But it did not say he was being charged with that assault anyway.

      • I didn’t see the punch but the girl almost took my head off with a thrown can of red bull. Briskly walked away ASAP. She did not seem to be in a “healthy” mental state. Also by earlier, it was like 20 mins between then QFC fight and street brawl.

  7. I was in Belltown last night and my friends and I were all commenting on how the hill has become like the old shoot em up Belltown, It was a pleasant walk down 2nd Ave, a quiet stroll compared to what the crazy Pike/Pine has become.

  8. The read in the Seattle Times that all 5 suspects are from out-of-state.

    The question must be asked: How many of those hanging out at Cal Anderson, some of whom commit crimes there and Pike-Pine, moved here when they learned we had legalized marijuana? My guess is that it’s a significant number. This could very well be a major downside to legalization.

    • My experience from last couple years is that the Cal Anderson campers and street kids are frequently ‘travelers’ and have been up and down the West Coast — marijuana or no. A few kids I’ve talked to, I’ve been envious of how much of the coast they’ve seen. I don’t know if the skate kids in this incident are typical but the element of the story about out of state IDs is certainly a fact in this case — I’m just not sure that makes them much different than a lot of other 20 yos hanging around Capitol Hill. I’m also not sure what difference it makes. They were clearly here and hanging out around the Hill.

  9. It sounds like the “patrol” needs to beef up a bit and expand their membership. The best way to ensure this stuff doesn’t happen, is to nip it in the bud before it ever does. The presence of the gay patrol would have prevented this from happening, imo. No slam on them…. they only have so many members and so much ground they can cover (and thank you very much, btw). So if you live on the hill or care about what’s going on up there…. join up and become part of the solution.

  10. Not all the street kids are wack-ass. But only the facts are important, and here they are: Alot of those “street girls”,witch/bitches have knifed,punched,clawed and assaulted, unprovoked, other men and women. You may have seen the SPD from time to time get fed up as they slam them for the offense. Some street guys get slammed for the exact same thing(assaults). Even the hard working people in the Capitol Hill community have been seriously assaulted/robbed. The SPD will attest to all this,as will news reports. As I have worked on the streets(parking lots) for more than 3 years. Capitol hill, unfortunately has let the meth and heroin, and theft situation get seriously out of line. The great citizens who work and live there,not of their own fault, have allowed alot of the street kids, and other homeless, to mistake their kindness as a ‘weakness’.We have had a few homicides over the past few years on the Hill, drug deaths and alot of od’ing.There are now community meetings which, while alittle late, are seriously addressing ALL these issues. Capt Ron Wilson and SPD team members have addressed some serious citizen concerns at these meetings,and some community residents have been extremely upset, and the SPD will not take these situations lightly. Alot of Capitol Hill business owners attend these meetings and are now highly upset about “crime” on the Hill. Cal Anderson(with fights every week) now has the park rangers, and more bike SPD, undercover and gang units in the area(s). As for the situation that occured with the 5 to one, I will assure you of this fact: That girl starts,and provokes fights. #2: The skate board team, along with other street groups, at times LOOK FOR FIGHTS. I saw all this coming years ago, as some of you have. And dont show compassion toward any of it, as you could become a victim. Nothing is negative. The word your looking for is reality. I love the hard working people who are on Capitol Hill trying to make a living. Please, take these situations seriously. Dont wait until the SPD demands that you do it. More meetings coming up soon. And please stay/play safe during Block Party weekend –

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