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Candidate Steinbrueck brings his ‘com­plete neigh­bor­hood’ campaign to Capitol Hill

Steinbrueck didn't get the endorsement but he did a sweet picture of the crowd at last week's meeting of the 43rd District Dems (Image: CHS)

Steinbrueck didn’t get the endorsement but he did get a sweet picture of the crowd at last week’s meeting of the 43rd District Dems (Image: CHS)

It’s a busy night for Capitol Hill slow-growthers — there’s this microhousing design review complete with 330 square-foot units to be concerned about. Meanwhile, the Seattle mayoral candidate with the most NIMBY clout will also be on the Hill as former City Council member Peter Steinbrueck visits 19th Ave E for a talk with prospective voters.

Steinbrueck’s Saving the Livability and Human Scale of Our Neighborhoods session is slated for 7:30 PM at the Russian Community Center, 704 19th Ave E —

Meet Seat­tle can­di­date for mayor Peter Stein­brueck on May 29th at 7:30 p.m. on Capi­tol Hill for an infor­mal dis­cus­sion about the liv­abil­ity and human scale of Seat­tle neighborhoods.

Peter is run­ning for mayor because Seat­tle needs to rebal­ance our city’s pri­or­i­ties around peo­ple, com­mu­ni­ties, and neigh­bor­hoods before we lose what mat­ters to us most. Peter knows the impor­tance of liv­abil­ity and human scale in Seattle’s res­i­den­tial neighborhoods.

Peter was born and raised in Seat­tle. Through­out his life’s work, Peter has focused on cre­at­ing a healthy, attrac­tive, work­ing city that respects the peo­ple who live here, and the moun­tains and water that sur­round us.

As a for­mer city coun­cil mem­ber, nation­ally rec­og­nized archi­tect, and vision­ary urban­ist, Peter is well known for his ded­i­ca­tion to the built envi­ron­ment. He is an equally com­pas­sion­ate human­i­tar­ian and advo­cate for social jus­tice, the poor, home­less, and “putting peo­ple first” at bud­get time. He val­ues every life and every opinion.

Seat­tle is a city of neigh­bor­hoods, a unique mosaic of char­ac­ter and per­son­al­ity that sets our city apart. Imag­ine a neigh­bor­hood where nearly every­thing you need is just a short walk from your home—the gro­cery store, schools, pub­lic art, a park, ser­vices and shops, the library, bus stops and restau­rants. All in a neigh­bor­hood with its own per­son­al­ity, built on a human scale, and designed for liv­ing.

It’s called a com­plete neigh­bor­hood—and it’s what every neigh­bor­hood in Seat­tle can be. Safe, walk­a­ble neigh­bor­hoods where we go after work, meet our friends, or explore on the week­end – they give life and fla­vor to our city. They must be designed on a human scale, for walk­ing, bik­ing and liv­ing, with all the ser­vices we need in our daily lives just a 20-minute stroll away – at the most.

Join Peter for an infor­mal dis­cus­sion about Seat­tle and his vision for our city with him as mayor. Please plan to attend, bring a few friends with you, ask ques­tions, and share your vision of Seat­tle neighborhoods.

  • What: Meet can­di­date Peter Stein­brueck for Mayor and join him for an infor­mal dis­cus­sion about the liv­abil­ity and human scale of your Seat­tle neighborhood
  • When: May 29, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Where:  Russ­ian Com­mu­nity Cen­ter on Capi­tol Hill, 704 19th Avenue East (at Roy Street, 1 block south of Aloha and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church)

Last week, Steinbrueck finished third with just a little more than 17% of the vote behind Ed Murray and incumbent Mike Mcginn as the the 43rd District Democrats voted to endorse their State Senator for Mayor of Seattle.
chart_1 In a CHS survey earlier this year as candidates first threw their hats in the ring, Steinbrueck finished fourth. Of the respondents that both said they would vote for Steinbrueck and lived,worked or went to school on Capitol Hill, transportation issues were cited as the group’s most important factor in making a selection.

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4 thoughts on “Candidate Steinbrueck brings his ‘com­plete neigh­bor­hood’ campaign to Capitol Hill

  1. Sterinbrueck will not get my vote he is too out there for even a liberal like myself we need a mayor who’s gonna get things done and one of those things is cracking down on crime and the rampant pan handling that goes on all over the city unchecked! We someone like Boston’s mayor. Not some bike loving liberal who caves in to supposed “activists” on any issue at the expense of the working and middle class!

  2. My biggest concern now is the city council possibly allowing companies to buy RPZ parking stickers for employees. The insane, car phobic council has allowed developers to build housing with limited parking and now to accommodate all the people driving to work in various neighborhoods to park in residential neighborhoods. We pay huge property taxes to allow everyone their city subsidies yet we get no consideration in these crazy ideas.

  3. Every time I look up at one of these behemoths rising on seemingly every block in the name of “urban density” I think to myself that there is yet another place I will, likely, never be able to afford to live. When you guys look up at these pretty new monstrosities remember that this is what your rent or property taxes going up looks like. Keep Seattle both livable and affordable for the people who give this town it’s flavor. No more Mike! Anyone but McGinn! (Don’t even get me started on Mayor M’s war on cars that begins with allowing developers to build sans parking and ends with SPD’s traffic mercenaries as they ruthlessly extort the citizenry for what essentially amounts to a defacto auto tax.)