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Capitol Hill ‘last call’ boosts Murray campaign coffers

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 12.04.08 PMSeattle mayoral candidate Ed Murray used a Capitol Hill boost to make a big jump this weekend in fundraising efforts in his race for City Hall. According to the state senator’s campaign, Murray garnered more than $100,000 in a short blitz of fundraising he is allowed between the end of the regular legislative session and the start of a special session starting today in Olympia.

A Sunday night “Last Call” event at E Pike’s Lobby Bar finished the run.

In addition to issues like what the candidates think about education in Seattle or their takes on the handling of May Day 2013, following the money flow reveals early favorites and provides some of the clearest indications of how things are shaking out.

Murray’s busy start to may will help boost his April totals, reported below along with the coffers of the candidates battling to make it through the August primary. While Murray’s big weekend isn’t reflected in the chart below, the $103,000 shows that the senator is more than capable of making it a race on the money end of things even with the restrictions of his day job still in place.


April reporting totals via SEEC — Martin’s totals as of March, the last available report for the campaign

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