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Capitol Hill’s Kimchi Bistro *not* closing down

Kimchi Bistro is safe and sound

Kimchi Bistro is projected to open its doors in a week.

To those who worried Broadway Alley’s Kimchi Bistro was closing its doors forever, fear not—the bistro isn’t going away.

Due to a hardship in the family, the owners of the hole-in-the-wall restaurant have been home in Korea the last few weeks, putting the tiny eatery on temporary shutdown until their return. According to surrounding storeowners, Bonsuk Park and family intended to return sooner, but decided to extend their stay.

The restaurant should re-open next week when the family returns home, according to the bistro’s neighbors. If you’ve never stopped in to give it a try — and try some kimchi — this seems like a good time to try something new and celebrate a non-closure of a neighborhood favorite.

Kimchi Bistro is located at 219 Broadway E.

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18 thoughts on “Capitol Hill’s Kimchi Bistro *not* closing down

  1. We recently moved here from Hawaii, and look forward to the restaurant re opening.
    Love Kimchi. In Hawaii we made our own, and had a Kimchi refrigerator. It was kept on our lanai for obvious reasons where the trade winds were usually blowing.

  2. Jordy, you might also try Northshore BBQ near the ID (plate lunches available). North of Seattle: Hosoonyi in Edmonds, Hae Nam and Old Village Korean, both in Shoreline, are great choices for Korean.

    • Northshore is delicious! Great family run restaurant with A MASSIVE variety on their menu.

      Also doesn’t hurt that they have 2.50 kona brew on tap durring happy hour.
      My personal favorites: bbq shortribs and garlic friend chicken and calamari salad!

  3. My heart goes out to them and whatever their family is struggling with. I love this place. I have been to South Korea quite a few times and find their food is the most authentic I have found in the Seattle area, and I have tried quite a few.

  4. I love Kimchi Bistro, their bi bim bop is heavenly! I hope the Park family’s difficulties resolve quickly so they can return home and to their happy customers.

  5. So happy Kim Chi Bistro is staying open! One of my favorites for many, many years. So many delights, the dohl soht, the bul go gi, the amazing mung bean pancake and more. Fun and reasonably priced, a real Capitol Hill treasure.

    Sorry about the family hardship, and I hope all is well with the owners.

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  7. Thanks so much for the update and reassurance. So sorry to hear they are going through a difficult time. We love Kimchi Bistro and the kind family that runs it. Will keep checking in, awaiting our Bibim Bap fix.

  8. Looks like they’re still closed – been over a couple of months. This makes me sad – obviously for them because of their family crisis, but also for us who could just walk over for their yummy food. Time to regroup and find another haunt for dinner…

  9. I went there today and it’s still closed, the phone still rings in the back and such. Any further updates on the crisis and any idea when they’ll open again?

  10. My friends and I tried going there today and they are still closed. Very sad, we’ve been going there for the past 5 years, I hope they come back!

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