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CHS Pics | Bike to School Day puts kids in motion on a sunny Capitol Hill

(Images: Elif Koc for CHS)

(Images: Elif Koc for CHS)

Wednesday, kids across Seattle opted out of school busses and carpooling with parents to bike to school. Capitol Hill’s Stevens Elementary students joined the big ride on a pretty nice day for pedaling.

“We love Bike to School Day,” said one Stevens parent escorting young riders, “It gives us an opportunity to break out of the routine and do something exciting.”IMG_25111

Organized with Partnership for a Walkable America’s national Bike to School Day, the community at Stevens used the day to promote awareness for the environment and physical activity.

This year, a majority of children from all grades participated, as administrators had hoped. Parents were also involved, biking with their kids and helping out. The parent riders we talked with said they were comfortable allowing their children to bike in the neighborhood — though most admitted they would not feel comfortable letting them ride to the school at 18th Ave E and E Galer alone.

Isabel, a Stevens student, summed it up. “Bike to School is a lot of fun, and today was a beautiful day for it!”

Bike Month continues with bike to work contests through the month and — thanks to the great weather — lots of pedalers sharing the pavement.

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