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CHS Pics | Cannabis Freedom funeral march for ‘prohibition’ crosses Hill

8730645112_427d944d37_bAs Washington finalizes its rules governing legalized recreational marijuana, this year’s Cannabis Freedom Rally and March got its annual start in Volunteer Park with a celebratory funeral complete with a pot-bedecked hearse. The media attention fell mostly on Westlake where the march ended and interim Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel briefly took the stage as part of the day’s speakers. “We are not here to condemn it. We are not here to endorse it,” the Seattle Times quotes Pugel as saying in his address. “The police are here to make sure it is all done legally.”

Last November, Washington voters approved changes that make possession and use of marijuana by adults legal in the state. The Liquor Control Board is now charged with putting rules in place to regulate the sale of the drug. In the meantime, the City of Seattle is trying to put its own frameworks in place to anticipate the new rules. At the time of the I-502’s victory in November, officials said they expected it would take at least a year to complete those rules and begin to allow commercial sale of marijuana in the state.

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