‘Embraced,’ Tacos Chukis stretching out in Broadway Alley

(Image: @Sk8nsmoove via Tacos Chukis Facebook)

(Image: @Sk8nsmoove via Tacos Chukis Facebook)

Not only does Capitol Hill have lots of Mexican restaurants but one of them is expanding.

Here’s the word on the coming–soon bigger Tacos Chukis from owner Roberto “Beto” Salmeron:

We are tearing down the demising wall we built over two years ago and taking over what was the original unit. We’ll always be proud of our little hole in the wall and we’re gratefull the community has embraced chukis like it has so we feel really good about growing. We’re hoping to have things ready by the end of the month.

Tacos Chukis debuted in the Broadway Alley back in 2011 and has gained a dedicated following for its street-style tacos served at street-style prices. Downstairs, Tacos Chukis lost its compadre in Guanaco’s but has a new neighbor in Torteria Barriga Llena. And now we’re hungry. How about Mexican?


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12 thoughts on “‘Embraced,’ Tacos Chukis stretching out in Broadway Alley

  1. I love this place. As long as I can still sit and gaze out the window at the Space Needle while eating my tasty tacos and sipping my Tecate, this sounds fine to me.

  2. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to go to this place after 9, but expanding hours to 10 or even 11 would work wonders for my waist line.

    • I agree, I usually go in right before close and they’re still busy. Seems like they could do good business until 10 easily.

  3. I wish they would get a location at street level. Love their food and want them to make some real money and be successful. This location sucks guys.

    • The location doesn’t suck at all. It’s centrally located, and the big window with a view (and their tomatillo garden) is a big draw for me when I got there for my tasty Al Pastor fix.

      Finding it is a little hard, as is grabbing new clientele off the street, but I think that if they’ve successfully gone over the hump of their first two years there and built a good clientele, they can probably just ride it out and focus on some form of advertising that will bring them customers up the stairs.

  4. Can’t wait! Chukis is easily the best fast food on Broadway. Cheap, friendly, good. It’s just after 9 AM and I already want some grilled pineapple.

  5. TACOS CHUKIS!!!! The torta is insane, love this place. True authentic flavor, I wish I could grow on the tomatillo plant like a little tomatillo.

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