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Finding no good fortune on 14th, Lucky 8s China House to close

(Image: Lucky 8s)

(Image: Lucky 8s)

One of the smaller entities in the transformation of 14th and Union into an island of food and drink activity is closing its doors after one last night of service — and delivery.

Lucky 8s China House will shut down tonight after just under a year and a half of operation on 14th Ave.

Owner Bracey Rogers confirmed the closure with CHS.

29351_301722226604741_960727091_n“Unfortunately, we just were not getting enough business to support all the overhead,” Rogers said. “We definitely had [our] diehard fans, but just not enough.”

The restaurant opened in time for New Year’s Day 2012.

“We’ll have a lot of dishes that people will be familiar with,” the project’s chef Justin Strnad said at the time. “We’re not fusion or anything. It’s our version of Chinese/American food. Housemade everything.”

Lucky 8s was built out of the space created by the overhaul of the old La Panzanella bakery for Oola. Belltown transplant Zoe filled its neighboring space while bear bar Diesel snuggled it to the north. The venture worked hard for notoriety amidst a wave of new food+drink players on the Hill. A mini-wave of Chinese-themed eateries also opened up around the same time including Chungee’s, Regent Bakery and the ill-fated Bako where Bait Shop floats today.

After closing down Friday night, Rogers says there will be a party for staff and regulars on Saturday. The restauranteur says Lucky 8s has been an education.

“The whole process has been a great learning experience for me,” he writes. “Hopefully I will be carrying this knowledge on to a potential new project.”

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15 thoughts on “Finding no good fortune on 14th, Lucky 8s China House to close

  1. I am surprised it didn’t close sooner. It’s sad to see a business go but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

  2. It was okay Americanized Chinese food, but the prices were simply too high, unless you were going in for 4+ doing “family style”. Otherwise, just a couple of entree items would knock you back $25 or $30, which is a lot for one person. So much easier (and cheaper) to hit the ID for something similar.

  3. aw, I’m sorry about this. I’ve only eaten there a few times, and gotten takeout once. The food was always good, the staff incredibly friendly, and I love, love, love the space. Wish they’d gotten even a quarter of the love of Skillet or Zoe. Good luck to Rogers and the rest of the staff.

  4. I never got around to trying Lucky 8, but I’ve tried both Chungee’s and Regent Bakery’s food and it was absolutely terrible. Really awful.

    And Lucky 8 couldn’t compete with them?

  5. I could never get my partner to go there with me. He always said it didn’t seem cozy enough for his tastes. So at least in his case it was an ambiance issue. We passed it on the street many times and glanced in and I didn’t feel the ambiance was bad.

  6. Great concept and layout, nice bar, good service, and really poor food. I really like Americanized Chinese Food but the food here was bland and flavorless – the exact opposite of what Americanized Chinese food should be.

  7. Sad that with all the new restaurants popping up weekly here we still don’t have a single legit decent Chinese restaurant within miles of here.

  8. As far as Asian food goes, Chinese isn’t on my top three list. That said, I think the concept of an American-Chinese joint could do great, if well executed. Once the streetcar starts running between the Hill and the ID, it’s simply going to be too easy to grab dinner down there and drinks up here. Nobody likes to spend more money on inferior food, regardless of whether it’s Chinese, Mexican or anything else. I’m sorry Lucky 8 couldn’t rise to the challenge, but there are a lot of places in the ID that would love to see more business and I’m just as happy to give it to them if the food is that much better.

    • I agree. Until then, 7 Stars Pepper straight down 12th @ Jackson isn’t all that far away, and its very good. And unlike most of the other places in the ID, they have free garage parking.

  9. it’s sad when a restaurant goes under, but with the number of places opening up these days, it’s no surprised they can’t all survive.

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